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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Star Is Born

6 weeks ago, Lance Hart (God bless his soul) started a brand-new clip store over at Clips4Sale, the mega-mekka of all things fetish: Man Up! Guys Ballbusting Guys. A pioneer and visionary in this area, Lance started what a lot of us have been hoping for for ages: A clip store that is devoted to producing male/male oriented ballbusting videos with high production values and super-hot models.

Lance has been around for some time now, starring in a lot of excellent f/m clips (published in the She Owns Your Manhood C4S store) that made us admire his sexy body and his ability to take some nasty hits to the gonads while looking incredibly hot.

Maybe you noticed: We are big fans.

We have both spent a lot of time writing ballbusting stories (bbmal at his blog Ballbusting Tales that mixes f/m and m/m; Alex at his blog Ballbusting Boys that's pretty exclusively m/m with just a few girls showing up now and then), and we have become very good friends.

After exchanging dozens of emails between the two of us (with both of us being thrilled with Lance's work that has grown more amazing with every new clip he published), we said: Why just write mails? Why not tell the world how fantastic Lance's work is?

And here it is: Our fan blog devoted entirely to Lance's body of work (and his body, of course...) We'll be reviewing every clip he publishes and we'll try and support the excellent work he does!

If you are as enthusiastic about Lance's videos, if you have any suggestions for future clips or want to share some feedback, we'd love to hear from you. And we'll make sure that Lance knows about it, too.

So, here we are. We hope you like this new adventure... Enjoy!

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