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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clip Review: Probation By The Balls

Starring: Lance and Brent
Length: 11 mins
Price: $11.99

Brent has gotten in trouble with the law, and he's facing ten to fifteen years in jail. Today, he has an appointment with his probation worker Lance - and the results from the drug test don't look good... So it's definitely jail for Brent. Or is it? Lance who offers him an alternative: If Brent humors him a little bit with one of his hobbies, Brent get's another week. Of course, Brent agrees. Anything to not go back to prison, right? "I like to bust balls", Lance tells, him grinding his nuts, "It's a little hobby of mine..."

And Lance's hobby includes all kinds of painful things: some kicks that make Bren't loose nuts inside his cargo pants jump up; a few knees; some queezing and grinding; Lance even takes off his shirt and whips it into young Brent's crotch a couple of times. "You know you are not gonna get anyone pregnant this week", Lance says in the end. "See you next week. Maybe we'll get to give your balls another week..." Well, Brent, next week your urine had better be clean!

This clip is The Lance Show, pure and simple. Lance gets to show off his improv skills, with some superhot talking about all the things he'd like to do to Brent's nuts, and - of course - some equally hot action... Poor Brent does a nice job with his reactions. But, really, what is he to do? The probation worker calls the shots here...

Best moment:
The dialogue is fantastic, with Lance coming up with some very hot ideas concerning Brent's nuts. Money quote: "You break the law, you break your balls... That just how it works..." (starts at 4:00)

Things to watch out for:
1.) Multiple talents. We are amazed at how many things Lance is good at. He is not only a probation worker but also a birth control regulator - which he tells Brent while playing with a pair of pliers. It's always good to have something to fall back on when the probation worker business dries up...
2.) Fair is fair. Lance makes sure to give equal attention to Brent's left and his right testicle. After all, he works in the justice department...

Bottom line:
Hot talk and hot action - we sure hope Brent gets in trouble again...

Preview video (provided by Lance himself over at ballbustingtube.com)

4.5/5 nuts

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