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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Clip Review: Ballbusting Mafia Tales (Part 2)

Starring: Nito and Derek
Length: 12 mins
Price: $11.99


At the end of Part 1 of Ballbustign Mafia Tales, boxer Derek was left tied up with a pair of bruised nuts and the sinking feeling that this may not have been the last time his balls took a beating. Well, mobster Vinny (played by Nito) has come back with some good news: The boss wants to give Derek another chance. So does this mean that Derek is free to go? Not quite. The bad news: Vinny had so much fun the last time around that he is going to bust his balls some more... So here we are again. And just like The Godfather II, this sequel is even better than the first part! (And we just hope that Sofia Coppolla won't show up in the third part - but the screenshots Lance posted on his blog look pretty promising to us...) But let's stick to part 2 for now:

Good sequels usually have more action than the original movie - and this clip is no exception! There are a lot of fantastic kicks and knees that leave Derek writhing in pain. Early on, Vinny puts on black leather gloves and grabs and squeezes Derek's balls hard. (It's a pity that Derek's underwear is black, so it's a little hard to see his testicles get squished between Vinny's fingers...) In addition to all the kicks, knees, grabs and punches, there's stomping and grinding - really, Vinny goes to town on Derek's testicles and it's incredibly hot to see Derek squirm in pain and hear him groan and grunt as Vinny manhandles his balls. Before Vinny leaves, he takes off his gloves and whips them into Derek's nuts. Then, Derek is left alone, all worked up, waiting for part 3 - just like us...

Once again, Nito delivers a stellar performance as mobster Vinny. He delivers some serious blows to Derek's bulging balls, giving poor Derek some really nasty pain to work with. Derek's reaction's are great - even though most of them feel like they didn't really require that much acting...

Best moment:
"You hit like a girl", Derek moans after a series of punches. But Vinny has his own way of dealing with constructive criticism. "Hit like a what?!" he shouts, lunges at Derek and throws a hard kick at Derek's balls, making him howl in pain. "Wanna rephrase that?" Vinny grins. (starts at 4:55)

Things to watch out for:
1.) Speedbag time! Vinny is really having fun with Derek in this video. In the middle of the clip, he asks "What do you call the thing you guys hit when you are training? The ballbag, something like that?" - "Speedbag", Derek mumbles and hasn't even finished the word when Vinny starts his own little work out, punching Derek's bulge in rapid succession. Ouch.

2.) Not helping. In our humble opinion, Derek could use a bit of coaching in regard to his de-escalation stragý: He keeps taunting Vinny ("Come on, is that the best you fucking got, pussy?") - with expectable results. We really admire your attitude, Derek, but you might want to think before opening your mouth. Not that we complain or anything...

Bottom line:
Waking up with a horse's head next to you is nothing compared to this...

4.5/5 nuts

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