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Friday, February 24, 2012

Clip Review: Tea Bagged

Starring: Johnny and Lance
Length: 5 mins
Price: $5.99

Johnny is back, and he’s playing a first-person shooter with his pal Lance.  Lance sucks, and after loosing the game for their team, he admits that he’s better suited to play something a little less challenging like Frogger.  Johnny snaps, and goes in to a rage, dragging poor Lance around by his balls, kicking and grinding them into his thighs like a butt of a cigarette. Lance cries out in pain, but Johnny is just too worked up to care, and decides to further humiliate Lance by first grinding his young, hung crotch in his face, and later he practically shoves his foot up his nose.  The clip ends with Johnny throwing one of the controllers down on Lance in disgust and yells, “Get some practice in!”

This is Johnny’s second appearance in a clip for Man Up, and he does a great job appearing angry at Lance’s ineptitude at gaming - an even better job busting balls.  Lance does a great job too, though by the look of some of those hits he took, it didn’t look like he had to strain too much to act like a man in pain.  The chemistry between them is great, and there’s a great moment when Johnny is holding the controller in front of his face and breaks character just long enough to ask Lance if he should start kicking him in the nuts – to which Lance replies “yeah.”  It may have broken the illusion of the scene for a moment, but that was compensated by the fact that we are finally getting to see high-quality BB porn, which is even hotter!

Best moment:
After losing the game, Johnny makes good on his promise to bust Lance for his lame video-gaming skills.  He just walks up to him and clocks him square in the balls with the but of the controller.  The sound of hard plastic drilling into Lance’s delicate nut-flesh is just delicious to the ears.  Lance cringes and grabs his nuts, “You sure went for the nuts with that controller!”  He sure did. (Starts around 1:30.)

Things to watch out for:
1) We knew already knew from watching Johnny’s first clip that he has a nice big pair or brass balls, which we get to see again put on display by those skimpy little man-panties he gets to wear, but better than that, young Johnny seems to be sporting wood during the entire clip. Apparently the prospect of busting Lance’s nuts repeatedly helps to get him all worked up, which is great, because it does for us too!

2) Toward the end of the clip, Johnny repeatedly shoves his nuts in Lance’s face, effectively tea-bagging him. Too bad Lance was in too much pain at that point to do anything about it!  If only he had the presence of mind, and just a little more strength, he may have seen what the rest of us saw – one chomp is all it’d take to turn the tables and take down that angry stud.

Bottom line:
Johnny sports some major wood as he goes totally medieval on Lance’s nuts!

5/5 nuts

Preview video (provided by Lance himself over at ballbustingtube.com)

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