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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clip Review: Your Balls or the Money

Starring: The Collector and Lance
Length: 4 mins
Price: $4.99

Lance is paid a visit by a man come to collect the money Lance owes him – but there’s only one problem, Lance doesn’t have it! So to teach him a lesson, the Collector decides to take it out on Lance’s balls. Lance grasps the cushions of his sofa in agony as his balls are repeatedly kicked and stomped under the Collector’s heel as the intensity builds, until finally Lance is ordered to stand up, only to get dropped with a few solid kicks to his poor nuts. Then when he goes down, the Collector get’s the perfect angle to crush Lance’s nuts, and demands that he get the money together by the end of the day, before finally giving up and allowing Lance to curl up into a ball.

Lance does a good job looking scared and desperate as more and more pressure is brought to bear on his sperm-tanks, all the while the Collector seems to be enjoying the show. The dialogue is great between them, and Lance does a great job of absorbing a series of rough low-blows to his precious plums.

Best moment:
At one point during the busting session, the Collector mentions that he hopes Lance’s girlfriend comes home and see his emasculation – that way he can lose his balls, and his girlfriend. Lance cringes in pain an swears, but they both know there’s nothing he can do other than just lie back and take it. (Starts at 1:58)

Things to watch out for:
1) Lance looks great in those briefs. You can see the outline of both his dick, and his balls as they get squished under the Collector’s heel.

2) The Collector’s quips are great! As if getting his balls busted wasn’t enough, Lance had to deal with sarcastic comments as he busts dead-beat Lance… it’s always nice to see someone who takes pride in their work!

Bottom line:
Be careful who you borrow money from – when they come to collect, they might just walk away with your balls in their pocket…

4.5/5 nuts

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