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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clip Review: Bro's Before Ho's - Dudes Ballbusting

Starring: Tony and Lance
Length: 5 mins
Price: $7.99

Lance is hanging out and relaxing on the couch one afternoon with his best friend when Tony confronts him about a rumor going around that Lance has been banging his old lady.  Lance doesn't deny it, and says he feels bad, though he seems to feel worse about getting caught.  He tries to soften the blow by insisting that it was only the one time, but is quick to amend that number to three times, when pressed further.  Through all of this, Tony remains calm, and confidently states that they can settle things 'like men'.  Lance readily agrees, and is dragged to his feet by his nuts as Tony explains that they're going have a little 'ball kickin' session.  Tony really seems to take his anger out on his cheating buddies busy balls, and the clip ends after a period during which Lance's balls are ground into his pelvis and Tony promises Lance that if he hears of any more infidelity, he'll come back to take it out on Lance's philandering manhood again - only this time, he'll have to bring along his tools!


Lance does a good job portraying a good guy who made a few mistakes.  Tony plays it rather cool, all the way through, which makes us wonder whether it's rage that boils in his heart, or whether he's simply an opportunist using the situation to get to bust Lance's balls for free.  Either way, it makes for a great episode!

Best moment:
Tony asks Lance if the ball busting hurts a lot.  "Yeah,"  Lance replies, to which Tony retorts, "I don't know, you're still standing." This is followed by 4 solid knees to Lance's gonads.  Lance is a champ, and takes his punishment like a man, but it's obvious that Tony's kicks and knees take their toll on him.  (Starts around the 1:42 mark).

Things to watch out for:

1. The way Lance's bulge in his jeans bounce around as Tony kicks and knees his friend's cheating balls. You really get to see the trauma being visited on poor Lance's nuts. 

2. Tony suggests Lance stretch to help ease the pain in his groin.  It's almost sweet, and reflects the brotherly-love the two men seem to share, but Tony doesn't let up, and the moment Lance starts to feel better, he takes a few more cracks at his nuts. Devious, but highly effective!

Bottom line:
This clip is the perfect endorsement for ball busting-conflict resolution.

4/5 nuts

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