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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clip Review: Loyalty Through Castration

Starring: Lance and Simon
Length: 15 mins
Price: $15.99

Mob boss Lance is in the midst of interrogating a young thug who is involved in a missing shipment. From the very start Lance gets the impression that Simon is holding back on the info, and decides to soften him up with a few knees into the balls. That seems to do the trick and scare Simon in to talking, but his story continues to change as Lance puts on more and more pressure, alternating between kneeing and squeezing Simon’s nuts until he finally admits that he stole the goods. Finally satisfied with hearing the truth, Lance decides to make an example of Simon and ensure his future loyalty by removing his balls completely – but first, he’s going to get his balls emptied with a hand job. Simon begs to keep his nuts, but it’s too late for him and his nuts. Lance jams his knee up under Simon’s balls, pinning them against his thigh as he strokes Simon to completion. Then grabbing a pair of pliers, Lance looks ready to proceed, when suddenly he thinks about the mess he’s about to make and matter-of-factly walks out of frame to find something to lay down on the floor. Now that’s rough…

Lance did a great job portraying a baddie in this clip, with just the right mix of casual cruelty, humor, and dare we mention, sexiness? Simon did a decent job too, though his dialogue was a bit flat, at least his heart was in the right place… or was it his balls? Acting while getting repeatedly hit in the nuts can’t be easy, and neither is cuming on demand – but Simon seemed to be a good sport about all of it, so kudos to him!

Best moment:
Forced milking scenes that include M/M ball busting is rather rare, so when we do see it we know we’re witnessing something special! So of course, the best moment in this clip would have to be the moment Lance brings Simon to completion, forcing the young man to shoot his load one last time before his emptied balls are totally crushed. Once Simon finishes, Lance cruelly knees him in his extra-sensitive nuts one last time.

Things to watch out for:
1) After some initial light busting and verbals, Lance pulls down Simon’s jeans and then the fun really starts – with him kicking and squeezing poor Simon’s balls until he’s ready to spill the beans. (Starts near 2:39)

2) Lance does a strip-tease during the course of the clip, starting out in a white linen suit and a matching Cuban fedora, and by the end of the clip he’s striped down to a nice pair of white boxer-briefs (plus the hat, of course!)

Bottom line:
If you’re in the market for a forced milking and castration threat clip between two good looking guys, then this is the clip for you!

4/5 nuts - you ordered whipped cream with your nuts, didn't you?

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