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Q&A with the Men of Man Up!

Now that we've seen the men of Man Up! take dozens of nasty blows to their genitals just for our entertainment, perhaps you'd like to get to know them a little better. We certainly did! That's why we created this section, to give Lance's fans an opportunity to discover all the gritty details on what it's really like to be a model. So, from time to time we will be posting new Q&A style interviews with our favorite models - and if you have a suggestion future questions, make sure to post them in the comment section below!


Q. What do you like about working with Lance and Man Up?
A. Working with Man Up! is always a good time and is stays interesting.  Lance is an all around good guy and I really respect his drive in everything he does.  His mentality is contagious and it pushes me to strive further for the things I want to accomplish in this field.

Q. Is working with Lance different than working with other models?  

A. As a model I like working with Lance because he is fearless.  I have to remind myself when I'm doing a scene with him I can go full throttle because he brings nothing less to the table.

Q. Before your first shoot for Man Up did you know about the ballbusting fetish? What were your expectations?  

A. I really didn't know ball busting was a thing and had no idea what to expect.  Like any fetish I like to keep an open mind and am always interested in checking it out first hand.  I think every guy is afraid of getting hit in the balls and that fear factor keeps the whole experience exciting.


Getting Personal with: Johnny

Q. What do you like about working with Lance and Man Up?

A. Lance is a great guy, he's easy to work with.  My experience with Man Up is a little different from what I've usually done before, and a little more painful too, but still interesting.

Q. Why do you do bb clips? (Is it just for the money or do you enjoy the experience?)

A. At first I accepted for pay, thinking my balls were going to get smashed, kicked, dug in, my balls being twisted and tortured?!! I was VERY nervous but as we were talking and shooting it turned out that the shoots were really fun and not as evil as I had expected.


Getting Personal with: Lance

Our first Q&A interview is with the man him self, the creator, director, executive producer, and star model, Lance Hart. In the interview we get a little insight in to why Lance makes bb clips, his experiences starring and producing bb porn, and his intentions to expand Man Up! in to a membership pay-site. Many thanks goes out to Lance for taking the time to answer our questions, and enjoy!

Q. When did you first know you were in to ball busting?

A. I've been obsessed by the idea of having my balls kicked since before I even knew what sex was. I used to fantasize about it all the time, and I still don't know why :)

Q. Can you describe what it feels like when you get hit in the nuts (is it all about the pain, the arousal, or both?)

A. I get turned on with every kick or knee or even threat. Sometimes pre-cum shoots out of my dick as I'm getting hit. It's not so much about the pain, I guess it's the idea of it. The more turned on I am, the less it hurts.

Q. In your experience, who have been the toughest ball busters, women or men?

A. Women are defiantly the toughest. I think men are more likely to be careful, and women can just go to town without any idea of how it feels, which kind of turns me on in itself.


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