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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Clip Review: Another New Recruit - Johnny Big Nuts

Starring: Lance and Johnny
Length: 9 mins
Price: $9.99

Lance introduces us to a cute new model named Johnny.  This is Johnny’s first shoot, and Lance is eager to put the young stud through his paces.  In this shoot, Johnny’s big nuts are on display through a crisp pair of black briefs, which we get to see smashed again and again by Lance’s fist, foot, and kneecap.  Johnny groans and moans, and even turns a little green, but he takes the ball-abuse like a real trooper!

This is Lance at his best, wielding his knowledge and skill for ball busting like a Jedi-master.  His partner, young Johnny gives him a lot to work with.  His facial reactions a great and so fun to watch on his cute face - he emotes so well, and it's clear that both models are having a great time!

Best moment:
Straddling the young model's lap, Lance reaches between his legs and grabs Johnny by the balls* "Can you still feel everything in there?" *Johnny's face screws up into a grimace.* "Barely!" Lance continues to grind, and then asks,"On a scale of 1-10, what's your pain level?"  "Seven," Johnny whispers.  Lance repeats him, and seems pleased - then he shoots the camera an evil grin and really grinds poor Johnny's nuts into his fist, to which Johnny throws back his head and groans, "Oh my God, 10!!!!" (Starts around 3:20.)

Things to watch out for:
1) Johnny's big bulge in those tight black briefs.  Johnny 'Big Nuts' is a well-deserved title, from what we can tell.  Righty even makes a cameo… (check out minute mark 4:15)

2) Johnny's reaction to a solid kick in his plums.  Lance's naked foot connects beautifully with both his balls, and the reaction on Johnny's face is priceless - his eyes bulge and he looks like he might puke - but he manages to double over and force his lunch back down with a subtle burp (minute mark 5:06).

3) Lance's 10 kick, 10 knee marathon of busting at the end, followed by a quick plug for people interested in modeling to contact him.  Then he ends things on a happy note with 3 rapid-fire kicks to young Johnny's big balls that leaves the poor boy cringing hand holding his battered baby-makers.

Bottom line:
The chemistry between these models is fantastic, making this one of the best clips Lance has ever produced!

5/5 nuts

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  1. Best BB clip I have ever seen. Both models are fantastic. White briefs would have been so much better than black. Hope we get to see a lot more clips with Johnny.