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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Personal Time with the Models of Man Up: Cameron's Q&A

Cameron Kincade is one of the most prolific models at Man Up. After his first appearance in March 2012 he has worked with a variety of models in more than 50 clips (see our May 2012 spotlight for more details on his early work for Man Up) and has claimed the titles of Mr. MarchMr. MayMr. August and Mr. September in our monthly poll. Now we've had a chance to ask him a couple of questions in the third installment of our series of Q&As where Cameron tells us about his favourite way to bust balls and what it's like to work with Lance, and he shares a couple of personal nutshot stories. Enjoy the Personal Time with Cameron and don't forget you can check out our previous Q&A's with the men of Man Up! here and here (or by clicking on the tap at the top of the blog).

Getting Personal with: Cameron Kincade

Q. What do you like about working with Lance and Man Up?
A. Working with Man Up! is always a good time and is stays interesting.  Lance is an all around good guy and I really respect his drive in everything he does.  His mentality is contagious and it pushes me to strive further for the things I want to accomplish in this field.

Q. Is working with Lance different than working with other models?  

A. As a model I like working with Lance because he is fearless.  I have to remind myself when I'm doing a scene with him I can go full throttle because he brings nothing less to the table.

Q. Before your first shoot for Man Up did you know about the ballbusting fetish? What were your expectations?  

A. I really didn't know ball busting was a thing and had no idea what to expect.  Like any fetish I like to keep an open mind and am always interested in checking it out first hand.  I think every guy is afraid of getting hit in the balls and that fear factor keeps the whole experience exciting.
Seth (l), Lance (m) and Cameron (r)
in Cameron And Seth Bust Lance's Balls

Q. What do you like about doing bb clips? 

A. I enjoy doing the clips because I get to be dominant, I get to be tied up and subservient, I even get to be a little creepy at times and it's a great outlet for all of those kind of crazy personas to be exhibited, where they otherwise might not have a chance to be expressed in normal day to day life.

Q. You have worked with a lot of models that had no prior ballbusting experience. How do you prepare to work with them?  

A. We run through some actual ball busting off camera so they can learn how to kick the right way and get maximum contact.  I'll also kick them a few times to gauge their threshold and how much they can really take.  Then we're good to go.

Cameron (l) and Seth (r)
in Behind The Scenes: Ballbusting Warm Up
Q. You have worked with Van on a couple of shoots - did you know each other before you worked with Lance?  

A. He is actually a friend of a friend and we had met once before.  He's fun to act with and has a big set of marbles to work with.

Q. How do you prepare for a shoot? Do you talk about the dialogue in detail or do you fix the basic plot and go along as the camera rolls?  

A. Lance gives pretty specific instructions on how the scenes should go, but also leaves room for any improvised moments to come through that can enhance the clip.  I've found there can be a multitude of ball busting scenarios and they can go in a few different directions.  Many of which work really well.

Q. We have noticed that you have become better and better at busting balls. Do you agree with that assessment? 

A. First, thank you.  And yeah, my main goal is to push a little bit harder each time.  There's nothing worse than walking away from a shoot wishing you had done this or that better, or different, or at all for that matter.  So I never want to get lazy with it.

Cameron (waiting for Van to bust his balls)
in No Man Left Behind Part 1
Q. You have done a variety of different clips for Man Up: ballbusting, spanking, foot fetish stuff - which one of those do you enjoy the most? 

A. I had never done a foot job before this and they continue to be enjoyable.  Giving and receiving.  It's very interesting.  Lately the spankings have been just plain hot.  It is the most painful thing we do, even worse than the ball busting because it is prolonged for several minutes.  There is a pain threshold that I always reach...and then surpass.  That's when it gets really good.  It actually becomes pleasurable.  My truly favorite clips are the wrestling though because it's super primal and it strokes my competitive streak.

Q. If there's someone who hasn't seen any of your clips which one do you recommend? 

A. I really like the scene I got to do with Jake a while ago where we play a game of nut ball, and even though I lost that round, afterward we just went back and forth kicking each other as hard as we could in the balls, one kick right after the other. Sometimes we didn't even wait for the other one to get their footing before we delivered the next blow. It was pretty hot!

Jake (l) and Cameron (r) in
Training For Ballbusting Olympics
Q. Does your boyfriend/girlfriend know about your bb work? What does he/she think about it? How does he/she comfort you after a night of shooting?  

A. Well, I'm single so I guess I'm left comforting myself. (wink wink)

Q. Do you have a behind-the-scenes-episode that you can share with us?  

A. I have to be honest, it's a drama free environment.  We all come in, handle our business and have a good time doing it.  I tried fluffing a guy once when he wasn't getting hard, but that ended up being a behind the scenes clip anyway lol.

Q. If you could create your own perfect bb clip (on a big budget with as many props/actors/sets as you like) - what would it look like?  

A. It would have to be a dark, hot, musty mosh pit of about twenty or thirty toned and tan, muscular and slim, old and young sweaty guys just grabbing and pulling at each other's sacks.  It would be one big free for all of knees and feet pressing into scrotum.  And everyone there would make those sounds we make when hit in the balls, just screaming and moaning in painful satisfaction.

Van (l) and Cameron (r) in Naked Wrestling 
Q. Have you ever busted a guy before appearing on Man Up?  

A. Well, when I was younger I was hanging out with two of my friends and some how, some way, I ended up kicking both of them in the balls.  If I remember correctly one dared me to, almost thinking I wouldn't do it, but I did, and the other one got it just because.  They both fell to the floor (partially acting like it hurt worse than it did I think) and I remember feeling satisfied with myself.  They said I broke the "guy code" by kicking them there, but I've always been interested in pushing social bounds, so I was pretty pleased with myself.  The funny thing is they thought it was kind of funny too.

Q. Would you mind sharing a time when you were busted in everyday life?  

A. I got the old forearm from the back from a friend I knew years ago.  He came behind me and brought his arm up in between my legs and make contact.  It was a real surprise.  I'm pretty sure that was his way of saying hello.  I guess that's the overall dynamic of ball busting for me.  It's usually that sadistic, competitive, mess with the ones closest to you thing that guys do so well and most of the time it ends up being something we all laugh about in the end.

Q. What is your favourite way to bust balls? 

A. I am really partial to the knee in the crotch move.  It usually provides for more physical contact between me and the other model.  Something about intimate proximity to someone who you are inflicting pain on/or who is inflicting pain on you has always been a complicated turn on for me.

Jake (l) and Cameron (r) in Welcoming Jake To Man Up!
Q. What do you like better - busting balls or getting your balls busted? 

A. I like it both ways.  The kicks can be a little rough sometimes, giving and receiving, but I especially like the knee to the groin and the ball grabbing.  The scene I did with Van a while back where we were both grabbing each others balls in a locker room and squeezing each other into submission, neither one of us willing to give up, that was a pretty intense scene.

Q. Is there anything else you'd like to share with your fans?  

A. I'm really excited to be a part of Man Up! and please vote for me for Mr. October!  Although, coming in second to Lance would still be a pretty decent win.  Thanks guys.  See you out there.


Thank you very much for taking the time and answering our questions, Cameron! We had a great time talking to you and we're looking forward to seeing more of you at Man Up!

Follow Cameron on Twitter:  @Cameron_Kincade

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