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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Clip Review: Drill Sergeant Drills His Balls

Starring: Rod and Lance
Length: 7 mins
Price: $7:99

Private Hart has been fucking up a lot lately and needs to shape up or ship out. His current mission is to clean his Drill Sergeant’s quarters until they’re spic and span, but when Sergeant Rod comes to inspect his progress, he finds Lance’s work seriously lacking. He orders the private to get up and stand at attention, he drives his boot square into Lance’s tightly-packed nuts. Then Sergeant Rod paces back and forth, pausing occasionally only to kick Lance in the nuts. The kicks are hard, and their impact against Lance’s groin makes a sick THUD every time. Poor guy…

This is Rod’s first clip and he does a FANTASTIC JOB! He really sounds like he could be a drill instructor (well, at least to our civilian ears), and he handles both the dialogue and the action exceptionally well. Lance is doing top-notch work too – particularly in a close-up on his face around minute mark 5:05, he really sells it! Bravo guys!

Best moment:
Sergeant Rod asks Lance why he wants to be in the military, to which Lance replies, “I wanted to be all I can be, sir!” His sergeant responds, “You want to be all you can be? Do you think you can be all that you can be? You’re going to have to man up to be all you can be. Do you think you can man up?” to which Lance replies, “Yes, sir!” *Sarge quickly comes up on him and fakes him out with a few knee strikes* “This ain’t manning up!” *Then he sinks his kneecap deep into Lance’s big, soft bulge – causing the soldier to nearly topple over.* Then at the end of the clip, Sarge repeat’s his assertion that Private Hart needs to, “MAN UP!” (Starts around 3:50)

Things to watch out for:
1) Sergeant Rod’s kicks are done in combat boots and look brutal. They totally sound like they’re pounding Lance’s twin-orbs into nut-butter! As the video progresses, you can even see the red marks on Lance’s thighs where Rod’s boot has broken the skin. Talk about putting your balls on the line…

2) Lance is sporting a nice form-fitting pair of black briefs (which look great on him!) and half-way through the clip, Sarge asks him what he's doing in only his drawers and wallops him in the cahones – to which Lance groans, "Sorry sir, it's laundry day!"

Bottom line:
We may think our bosses take pleasure in busting our balls on a daily basis, but in Pvt. Hart's case it might actually be true!

4.5/5 nuts

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