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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Clip Review: Wanna Come Play With Man Up?

Starring: Lance and Derek
Length: 8 mins
Price: $8.99

Lance is always in need of fresh, new balls to bust, so he tells us what he’s looking for in new models. Hot, tattoed recruit Derek (of Cousin’s Balls fame) provides the balls for our entertainment as Lance explains the rules, all the while busting poor Derek’s big nuts and making him collapse several times with vicious kicks, slaps, knees and squeezes.

Lance is clearly having a great time crunching Derek’s testicles, with Derek taking it like a champ. What a team!

Lance is at his best, delivering dozens of hard hits while talking to the camera and making witty remarks. And Derek (looking super-hot in his tight grey briefs) is a great match for him, presenting his balls time and time again. His reaction to Lance’s attacks is perfect: grunts, groans, moans, outright screams – this guy knows how to take some hits to the nuts. The chemistry between Lance and Derek is fantastic and we really hope they’ll team up again…

Best moment:
“If you’re wondering: How much will I paid? Well, it’s good money. You get paid 30 bucks a clip", Lance explains and delivers two kicks to Derek’s nuts. “So this guy…”, he kicks him again, “…gets paid 30 dollars…”, another hard kick, making Derek collapse on the couch, “…just for having this much fun…” Derek rocks back and forth, panting. “...you know, that’s all he’s gotta do. Ah, he’s really enjoying himself now, you can tell…” (starting at the 2:33 min mark)

Things to watch out for:
The clips is fantastic from beginning to end, so let’s just pick two things at random:
1.) The growing bulge in Derek’s tight undies. The more Lance kicks his bulging balls, the bigger his dick grows. It’s a bit of a shame we don’t see him naked –on the other hand we wouldn’t want Lance to get hurt by that yardstick…
2.) A cameo appearance by Lance’s naked nuts. After having snap kicked Derek a couple of times and sent him cradling his nuts on the couch, Lance uses the time it takes for Derek to recover to tell us a little story that involves his testicles, an S&M shoot and a black mark on his sac. Then, he treats us to a nice close-up of the injured area. Hot!

Bottom line:
Totally fucking hot! Yes, we wanna come play with Man Up!

5/5 nuts

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  1. wich is the complete name of derek? Thanks