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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Clip Review: Ballbusting Gym Membership

Starring: Johnny and Lance
Length: 11 mins
Price: $11.99


In Part 1, Lance is in the market to join a gym, but when he sees the facilities they have to offer, he's reluctant to sign on the dotted line.  Fortunately Johnny is an expert salesman and he crushes Lance's balls with a combination of knees and stomps before he cajoles him in to signing the contract.  In Part 2 Lance returns to the gym only to discover that he signed up for a "ball busting membership."  Simply put, it means that all of Lance's workouts are going to involve him getting his balls busted, and Johnny is eager to get his new customer started!  But first, Johnny offers to give Lance a free shot at his nuts... just for fun.  Once they strip down to their underwear, they start trading knees, and then kicks that visibly flatten the neat little pouch tucked in the front of each stud's undies.  The trading of nut shots is great, but after a while Lance's poor nuts just aren't up to snuff compared to Johnny's brass orbs, and Lance ends up going down under a hail of knees and stomps to his balls.


It's great to see Johnny and Lance back on the screen together again!  The two seem to be quite comfortable wracking each other pretty brutally, which is just the sort of thing you want to see in a ball busting clip!  Best of all, Johnny seems to be more confident in his dialogue compared to his earlier work, which just help sells the hotness of this clip even more!

Best moment:

Around the 8:00 mark Johnny informs Lance that they're going to continue their ball busting workout.  He strips down to his underwear and adjusts his junk, and then he offers to give Lance a chance to get him back for all the times he busted him up to that point.  Lance seems a bit reluctant at first (perhaps he already suspects that Johnny's retribution will be swift) and gently lobs his thigh in to Johhny's crotch.  "You call that a knee?"  Johnny asks.  The second knee his better, but then it's Johnny's turn and he show's Lance how it's done.

Things to watch out for:
1) Diabolical pushups!  At 4:50 Lance is told to do pushups as Johnny not so subtly positions his foot between Lance's legs.  Then... WHAM!  He kocks Lance right in his family jewels.  Unfortunately we don't get to see the hits all that well, but considering the angle the kicks were coming, they must have been BRUTAL!

2) Johnny's balls of steel.  Johnny seems to weather Lance's low blows quite well in this one, and at 9:00 he laughs at Lance's feeble attempt to kick his nuts.  "Jesus, it's like you've got balls of steel!" Lance remarks, but the next kick seems hard enough to warp Johnny's "metallic marbles."  After a perfect connection we see Johnny's junk lift up in the air and his feet jump off the ground a bit.  At 9:30, another hard kick seems to take him off guard, and the look in his eyes are just... priceless!

2) Colorful wardrobe.  Lance sports a nice tight pair of green boxer-briefs, while Johnny's is bright orange!  Both are SUPER hot, and look great as they hold their nuts in place to get busted!  Mmmmm....

Bottom line:
Be sure to read the fine print when you're joining Johnny's gym!

4.5/5 nuts

Check out a preview of this clip here.

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