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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Clip Review: Cousin’s Balls (Part 2)

Starring: Derek and Lance
Length: 5 mins
Price: $5.99

Lance comes home to find his cousin Derek lounging around in his undies, watching TV and avoiding all forms of work.  It appears like a repeat of their first encounter, but only this time Derek drops the bomb – he’s been spending some time on Lance’s computer and has found a vid of Lance getting fucked by a dude.  The balance of power suddenly shifts when Derek threatens to out Lance to the rest of their family, and not only demands to continue living with Lance for free, he wants some payback for their earlier busting session.  Lance is given no choice, and quickly strips down to his royal-blue boxer-briefs before Derek begins wailing on his nuts so hard, it just might make you cringe.

Lance and Derek do a great job, reprising their roles as cousins.  There is a friendly ‘bro attitude’ between them, which makes you almost wonder if they really are cousins – or at least good friends!  The dialogue is well suited and both of their reactions are spot on!

Best moment:
In the last minute of the clip, after Derek has savaged poor Lance’s nuts ruthlessly, he pauses and says, “Hey man, you know I love you because you’re family,” and embraces Lance tight in a hug – only to sink his knee into Lance’s fat package.  The strike is perfect, and just about lifts Lance off his feet.  Derek then drops him back on to the couch like a sack of potatoes and leaves, stating that he’s gonna go “watch some TV.” (Starts at 5:14)

Things to watch out for:
1) Derek is a big, fit guy with a fantastic bulge.  He towers over Lance, and all his strikes with those big hands and feet seem to be perfectly aimed at Lance’s manhood with devastating effect.

2) Derek's shift in attitude from their first clip is fantastic.  He knows that he has one up on Lance from the beginning, and even leaves his big basket exposed when he's sitting on the couch without fear - because he already knows what the rest of us don't - the only nuts that are getting cracked this time is going to be Lance's.

Bottom line:
Payback’s a bitch – especially when you already pissed it off by kicking it in the nuts…

5/5 nuts

See the review for part 1 here.

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