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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Clip Review: Dirty Boxing

Starring: Derek and Brent
Length: 8 minutes
Price: $7.99

Roommates Derek and Brent decide to get in shape by taking up boxing in their living room - but 20 seconds in to their first sparring match, Derek deals Derek a low blow, kicking his roommate right in the nuts, to which after the fact Derek confesses that he's known to "fight a little dirty."  Brent recovers pretty quickly, and manages to retaliate with a solid punch into Derek's solar plexus, and responds with another kick into Brent's danglers.  Brent absorbs the blow and doubles over for a moment before he's back into the fight, commenting that he wished he could wear a cup.  Then the two boys trade shots back and forth with the occasional low blow.  The balance of power is constantly shifting between the two of them.  Then toward the end of the clip, the nut shots seem to pick up, both in frequency and intensity, and both boys are in pain, but it is Brent that finally gives in, making Derek the winner… at least for this round.

This clip contains some of the best (and most believable) acting of all the clips released on Man Up so far - which has everything to do with the premise of the scene.  Two guys sparring with each other and trading low blows.  Brent and Derek look like naturals, prodding for weaknesses as they send jabs, low blows, and insults back and forth.  It truly leaves us wondering how much was acting, and how much the two were just responding to each other.  Either way, together they made the scene work beautifully.

Best Moment:
Brent tells Derek he wants to get some practice with kicks in.  It's only fair, considering Derek started the match with so many dirty blows.  After two light knees in the groin, Derek tells Brent he needs to put more power into his strikes if he's going to knock a guy out - to which Brent follows with a single hard knee that knocks the wind out of Derek's sails almost instantly.  The while Derek is bent over and sucking air, Brent laughs at his buddy's discomfort and asks, "What are you going to do now?"  You can almost see the cogs working in Derek's brain as he rears up and launches his fist into Brent's crotch, smashing his tender nuggets up into his body.  Brent folds back on to the couch, and you can even hear the person behind the camera laugh at the spontaneity of the scene. (Starts at 2:18)

Things to watch out for:
1) Derek brings up the fact that Brent is interested in wrestling, and suddenly drives him into the couch, grabs his ankles, and stomps down on his groin, pinning nuts against his thigh and causing poor Brent to groan in pain as his precious danglers are crushed.  Derek follows up with two more stomps, one of which drives Brent's own hand into his groin, and sending him in to a world of hurt.  (1:54 minute mark)

2) Derek lands a particularly effective kick, causing Brent to drop to the floor and hunch over.  He groans loudly, "Awwww my God, your toes pinched my fucking nuts!" (3:45 minute mark)

3) Brent turns the tables on Derek who is mostly dominating throughout the clip, and after a particularly nasty kick in the nuts, lays his roommate out on one of the couches and takes his time stomping his balls, pausing only to switch his feet when he gets tired, and follows up with three nasty, well-aimed jabs into Derek's battered baby-makers. (5:50 minute mark)

Bottom line:
Sparring between two guys never seemed quite so fun!

5/5 nuts

Preview video (provided by Lance himself over at ballbustingtube.com)

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