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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clip Review: Ballbusting Yoga Instructor

Starring: Brent and Lance
Length: 9 mins
Price: $9.99


Lance is under a lot of pressure and wants to start doing Yoga. In Brent, he has found a perfect instructor (even though the Yoga looks more like stretching before a marathon to us... But what do we know, right? Brent is the expert here...) Both of them are wearing skimpy shorts and white undershirts as they prepare for session. After ca. three minutes of warming up, Brent suggests Lance start searching for his inner chi. Just where might that be, we wonder?

Right in the balls, that's where it is! A couple of nice, hard knees between Lances spread legs are followed by some hot grinding action (that makes Lance let out some nice high-pitched whimping sounds) before Brent digs his socked heel into Lance's crotch as Lance holds his right leg up into the air. Some nice, light kicks are followed by Lance doing the back bend, thereby presenting his balls for some nasty knees. The clips ends with Lance lying on the ground, his legs spread wide in the air. Brent grabs them spreads them even wider and steps onto his nuts a couple of times. "I had no idea it was gonna be like that, man!" Lance says, panting. Well, actually, we had a hunch...

Brent is pretty good at giving a perfectly rational reason for this kind of workout ("Enlightenment through pain" - that sounds pretty reasonable in our opinion...) and he portrays the Yoga Instructor as a calm, knowledgable man. With Lance, he has a student who seems to be quite impressed with Brent's unorthodox methods. He certainly makes sure to give Brent easy access to those fat testicles inside his shorts...

Best moment:
Lance is lying on the couch, his right leg is up in the air, held by Brent. After some nice kicks to Lance's vulnerable valuables and a bit of additional grinding, Brent says, "Alright, your're done." - "I'm done?" Lance's face lights up. "No, your'not, just kidding", Brent grins and powers his foot into Lance's nuts one more time, followed by some more grinding. I'm not sure how Lance thinks about this, but we sure think that's funny...

Things to watch out for:
1.) Lance is fit! When Brent makes him to the back bend, he looks nothing short of gorgeous...
2.) The way Lance holds his balls. We don't know why but somehow the way that Lance grabs his balls, sitting on the couch, his legs spread apart - it really makes us want to be there and well... let's say comfort him...

Bottom line:
We though Yoga was all about saluting the sun and doing painful things to your body - now we know better: It's about doing painful things to your partner's body...

Preview video (provided by Lance himself over at ballbustingtube.com)

4/5 nuts

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