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Monday, February 27, 2012

Clip Review: Ballbusting Mafia Tales (Part 1)

Starring: Nito and Derek
Length: 11 minutes
Price: $9.99

Derek is a boxer who finds himself falling out of favor of the mob.  The clip begins with him tied up in his own house as mobster lackie grills him for answers.  Nito co-stars as Vinny, who takes the greatest delight in busting the bound fighter repeatedly and threatens to take one of Derek's balls as a 'keep-sake.' Derek fights through the pain and tries to preserve his pride, but the constant barrage of kicks and knees to his precious gonads finally forces him to give in and agree to fight one more time.  Then Vinny gets comfortable, taking off his hat and jacket before continuing to bust poor Derek for several more minutes. He's interested in more than just money now, he wants Derek's two most prized possessions.  Derek does his best to maintain his pride - and suffers for it greatly - before Vinny finally gives it a rest and leaves Derek tied up to contemplate his fate.

This is Nito's first appearance at Man Up! and he does a magnificent job at playing the mobster.  His performance is just the right mix of humor and menace.  And then there's all those kicks and knees he drives into Derek's tender, meaty balls.  Derek looks like he might need a big bag of ice at the end of this one.  Both guys do a fantastic job with both the dialogue, and the action. 

Best Moment:
After already squeezing Derek's house out of him, but when Vinny discovers that Derek owns a Rolls Royce Phantom he wants it for his niece who is about to turn 18.  Derek replies, "You already got the house."  Vinny responds with a vicious front kick that catches Derek square in the balls.  Derek groans and slumps down against his bonds and whispers, "Ok."  "I like that answer better," Vinny smirks with a grin. (Starts at 10:08)

Things to watch out for:
1) The bulge in Derek's tight black boxer-briefs. His nuts sure do take a wallop in this clip and make a loud slapping noise when Nito's foot and knee crash in to them.

2) All throughout the clip Derek tries to put on a strong front, only to get knocked down by the constant beating his balls take - and yet, he remains defiant up to the very end of the clip when Vinny leaves to go call up some of his buddies and states menacingly, "I'm going to get you!"

Bottom line:
If you're going to cross the mob, you better add a bullet-proof vest and a cup to your shopping list.

4/5 nuts

Preview video (provided by Lance himself over at ballbustingtube.com)

Get the clip now from Lance's Man Up clip store.

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