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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clip Review: Jiu Jitsu On Your Balls

Starring: Derek and Lance
Length: 7 mins
Price: $7.99

Hot tattoed stud Derek stars as a Jiu Jitsu instructor who has come to teach Lance a painful lesson - and the lesson starts right away! He walks into the room, shakes Lance's hand, and powers a kick into his balls, not even 10 seconds into the clip. "Lesson one", he says. "Be prepared for anything..." Lance had better heed his advice, because Derek doesn't hold back.

He shows him move after move with solid kicks, knees, hard chops, palm strikes, and squeezes. Lance's balls sure take quite a beating as Derek delivers a lot of nice, precise hits. There's no holding back here: Derek really knows his Jiu Jitsu and manages to dominate the scene (and Lance) with his nut crunching presence.

In most of his clips, Lance is the one who calls the shots. Here, Derek takes over with ease, not only delivering the nutshots but also the lines perfectly. There's great chemistry between the two of them and there's not a dull moment in this clip.

Best moment:
Derek demonstrates a very effeective combination: Palm strike to the sternum, palm strike the solar plexus, followed by a hard underhook where his palm slams into Lance's nuts with a resounding smack, finishing with a nice, hard squeeze. He goes through the motions a couple of times before delivering the combo in rapid succession, his palm connecting perfectly with Lance's balls, leaving Lance groaning and gasping for air. (starts at 3:30)

Things to watch out for:
1.) Derek actually knows what he's doing. Watching the clip we can't shake this feeling that Derek is not just acting here. He obviously has professional training and knows his moves, creating a very realistic and incredibly hot atmosphere.
2.) The scrotal stretch. For the grand finale, Derek squishes Lance's balls with his bare feet from various positions. He sits on top of the couch, with Lance's head between his thighs, grinding down on his balls with his heels. As a nice finishing touch, he drives his foot hard into Lance's balls as he climbs down. So hot!

Bottom line:
Lance and Derek are a perfect match - this clip is a classic!

5/5 nuts

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