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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A peak over the fence: Johnny's first F/M appearance

We've noticed that Johnny seems to already be a fan favorite, and we can certainly see why!  He's everything we could hope for in a model.  Young, fit, cute, and a really nice set of equipment to boot! 

But the best thing about Johnny is how animated his face gets when he's experiencing nut pain.  You almost want to give him a hug after he takes a shot to the balls.  And then when he's recovered, nail him again.

Though this blog is primary focused on reviewing and discussing the clips released by Lance's M/M store Man Up, from time to time we will be mentioning a F/M clip that grabs our attention - which in this case, is Johnny's first debut appearance on She Owns Your Manhood:

Title: Amiee's Ballbusting Lapdance
Length: 10 mins
Price: $9.99

The clip opens to thumping club music while Amiee saunters toward Johnny as he sits back anxiously and watches her dance for him.  Things quickly heat up as she bumps and grinds him, sending his hormones into full throttle.  The young lad is teased mercilessly, as  beautiful Amiee taunts and busts him, alternating back and forth like a sex-ninja.  By the end of the clip, Johnny looks so frustrated that he can hardly stand it, only to have Amiee spend the last 30 seconds of the clip pile-driving his baby-makers in to pelvis.

There is no dialogue in this scene whatsoever, unless you count the gasps and groans uttered by Johnny as Amiee drills her knee into his tender nuggets.  Instead, everything is acted out through body-language, but Johnny's facial expressions and the huge boner in his boxer-briefs tell us everything we need to know - and he's so hard, the head of his cock slips above the waistband of his undies on several occasions ;-)

You know this clip is for you if you like:
Female/Male busing
tease and denial
Johnny getting repeatedly busted in his underwear

See a free preview of this clip on ballbustingtube.com

... or buy this clip from Lance's F/M clip store.

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  1. I dream of seeing him doing more footfetish things mixed with busting. He looks like he has really hot feet, and I think he could potentially be really convincing making a guy smell/lick them, then smothering the guy's dick and balls with them. Great blog guys!