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Monday, April 2, 2012

Personal Time with the Models of Man Up: Johnny 's Q&A

It was pretty clear early on that Johnny "Big Nuts" was a fan favorite. Luckily for us, Johnny was nice enough to sit down with us (so to speak) and answer a few of our questions.  This is the second post in our series of Q&A's with the models of Man Up! in which we learn all about Johnny's time working with Lance and his experience with ball busting - and of course, don't forget you can check out all our Q&A's with the men of Man Up! by clicking on the tap at the top of the blog.

Getting Personal with: Johnny

Q. What do you like about working with Lance and Man Up?

A. Lance is a great guy, he's easy to work with.  My experience with Man Up is a little different from what I've usually done before, and a little more painful too, but still interesting.

Q. Why do you do bb clips? (Is it just for the money or do you enjoy the experience?)

A. At first I accepted for pay, thinking my balls were going to get smashed, kicked, dug in, my balls being twisted and tortured?!! I was VERY nervous but as we were talking and shooting it turned out that the shoots were really fun and not as evil as I had expected.

Q. How would you rate the level of intensity in the first clip when Lance was busting your balls?

Most of the hits left a pretty good sting to them.  There were a couple that were uncomfortable and some came faster than expected, but like I said in the end it was good.

Q. Would you mind sharing a time when you were busted in everyday life?

Ha, the funniest/most painful time was during school I was running for class and a girl I knew had stopped and asked me something.  I can't remember her question or my answer, but she didn't kick my balls or kick my A**hole but right in between the two and DROPPED me and knocked the wind out of me. Plus detention...

Q. Have you ever busted a guy before appearing on Man Up?  (If so, please describe it.)

A. Only a very few times when my brother pissed me off.

Q. Does your boyfriend/girlfriend know about your bb work? What does he/she think about it? How does he/she comfort you after a night of shooting?

A. My fiance Amiee Cambridge was my ball buster in the F/M shoots… but comforting wise she massaged them and apologized. When Lance busted my balls, I got a few cups of coffee.

Q. Is there any kind of sexual component tied to ball busting for you?  Does bb make an appearance between you and your fiance off the camera?

A. No, not for me personally.

Q. Your face is VERY expressive when you take a hard nut shot.  Is this natural for you, or something you played up for the clips?

A. Eh, about 95% natural, 5% acting.

Q. What do you like better - busting balls or getting your balls busted? Can you explain why?

A. it honestly depends on who I'm working with - but over all - I prefer girls busting my balls because it goes along with my  other fetishes (femdom, ass, fishnet, and bondage).  Busting a guy's balls feels like I'm breaking the golden rule, but you know, some rules can be bent a little.

Q. There have been several requests from your fans asking for you to appear in a M/M clip with nudity.  Any chance this might happen in the future?

That's outside my comfort zone, but who knows what will happen later down the road?

Q. If there's someone who hasn't seen any of your clips which one do you recommend? Why is it your favorite?

A. I would definitely share, "Amiee's Ballbusting Lapdance." In that clip, Amiee gives me a lap dance in black fishnets and a one piece, sitting her ass in my face and busting me through the entire song. Its hot and I had a blast in it.

Q. If you could create your own perfect bb clip (on a big budget with as many props/actors/sets as you like) - what would it look like?

A. I have some thoughts that I think would be good ideas but I normally just help the camera man get what they need to the best of my ability.  In my ideal F/M scenario, there'd be  two/three guys in there back yard working out and camera shows 2/3 sexy girls doing soccer practice.  One of the girls would kick the ball over in the workout yard and get into a discussion on how strong girls legs get in soccer and the guys bet they can handle little girls kicks to there balls. One macho guy drops on first kick and other two continue getting kicked one guy handles two girls one in front and one behind taking turns. Winner gets the girls respect and body rub.  If you wanted to make it a M/M scene, you could swap out the girls for more guys.  The guys working out could laugh at the soccer players, saying that they're playing a girl's sport and challenge them to a last man standing ball bust competition.


Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, Johnny!  We'll certainly keep an eye out for you in the future and we wish you and Aimee a lot of luck! 

If you want to check out some of Johnny's non-bb clips, you can find that at Jerkywifes and Kinki Cory, or, follow him on Twitter: @JohnnyRiflexxx

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