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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New poll: Mr. February

We opened a new poll in the right column, and we invite you to place your vote for Mr. February, i.e. your favourite model who starred in the Man Up! clips that were published in last month.

And here are our contenders:
Brent - the boy-next-door with brown hair and a knack for role-playing, star of such diverse fare as "Unorthodox Vasectomy", "Dirty Boxing" and the "Frat Hazing" clips.
Derek - the tattoed wild boy who knows to hit where it counts, star of the stellar "Wanna Come Play With Man Up?", "Cousin's Balls" and others.
Nito - the most recent addition to the Man Up! cast, star of the "Ballbusting Mafia Tales" and "Frat Hazing (Part 2)".
Johnny - a.k.a. "Big Nuts", the dashing young stud, star of "Teabagged" and "Another New Recruit".
Rod - our one-hit-wonder (so far...), star of "Drill Seargent Drills His Balls".

We purposely don't put Lance in the poll, because, after all, he is the boss of Man Up! and it would be kind of rude to put him for a vote... And, frankly, we fear he might steal the thunder from all the other guys...

So tell us: Who is gonna be Mr. February?

The poll is open until March, 31st.

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