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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clip Review: Cousin’s Balls (Part 1)

Starring: Lance and Derek
Length: 8 mins
Price: $8.99

Lance’s cousin Derek is out of jail on parole and has been crashing with him for a while now and still hasn’t found a job.  What’s worse, he spends his days eating Lance’s food, playing his Xbox, and even wearing his clothes.  Lance is at his wit’s end with Derek, and threatens to call his parole officer – but first, he decides to settle the disagreement within the family by busting Derek’s balls.  He warms up with some wicked kicks and stomps into Derek’s groin before he demands his cousin take off Lance’s pilfered sweatpants.  Then, stripped down to his undies, Derek’s clearly defined balls are battered relentlessly until they are good and sore.  Lance agrees tells his cousin that there little session just earned him another week’s reprieve, but warns him to get a job before leaving Derek cringing on the couch.

Lance does a great job conveying his annoyance at Derek and comes off as a hard working guy that needs to let off a little steam (which he is!)  And Derek does a great job taking his lumps from Lance – or rather, gets hit in his lumps, but then, he isn’t given any other chance!

Best moment:

In the latter half of the clip, the camera position shifts to first person point of view and zooms in on Derek’s nuts as Lance grinds his foot into the big stud’s fat package.  This gives the viewer the chance to see what it would look like to actually be there, participating in the fun, and tight shot on his crotch reveals every bump and shadow of his manhood as his nuts are steadily being crunched against his body.  This leaves no room for ambiguity.  Lance’s strikes are solid, and directly on target.  The first person POV ends with some tight shots of Lance kicking and grabbing Derek’s balls as they visibly bulge inside his tight boxer-briefs. (First person POV starts around 6:06).

Things to watch out for:
1) Derek looks great in his underwear!  Not only does he do a great job of filling them out, the tight boxer-briefs makes his package look perfectly bustable and does a great job holding his manhood in place for Lance’s strikes.

2) Derek manages to take everything Lance throws at him, but there are several points throughout the clip when it looks like Derek is near his breaking point – occasionally you’ll see him slapping his feet against the ground, pushing back off the wall, and even once he grabs Lance’s arm while his nuts are getting worked over.

Bottom line:
Ball busting in the family doesn’t get better than this!

5/5 nuts

Preview video (provided by Lance himself over at ballbustingtube.com)

See the review for part 2 here.

Get the clip now from Lance's Man Up clip store.

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