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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clip Review: Guidance Counselor Ruptures Student's Balls

Starring: Lance and Simon
Length: 7 mins
Price: $7.99

This is Lance's very first m/m ballbusting clip - and we're off to a great start! 18 year old Simon has a big problem: He's getting a hard-on all the time. Poor Simon! Oh, what to do? Thank goodness there's Lance, the helpful and insanely attractive guidance counselor who knows exactly what to do in situations like these... At first he offers helpful advice ("How do you cover it, like this?") and then he comes up with the perfect therapy for this embarrassing problem: "It's called ballbusting therapy". But Simon has never heard of it! Can you believe it?! Well, Lance starts off right away, leaning over Simon in a sexy suit, caressing Simon's upper body before hammering a couple of knees into Simon's groin, slowly grinding his kneecap into his balls, and punching and squeezing them for good measure.

But the problem just doesn't go away. The knees get harder and Lance tells Simon to strip to his underwear. He kneads and slaps hapless Simon's balls, until he makes him sit down on the couch with a nice knee to his bulging balls. After some hot bare foot stomps, Lance (being the expert that he is) concludes that it takesw a little more than just ball pain to solve this dilemma. You actually see Lance's toes separate Simon's nuts inside his underwear. "You don't actually need two, you know", Lance says, "I think if I isolate one, I might actually be able to get it to pop." Good idea! That might do the trick! Said and done, and Simon leaves with just one testicle left. Thank you, Lance, good work! Let's just hope your therapy helped poor Simon - if he has to come back for more therapy, you won't have much to work with...

Simon is just a 18 years old kid. Come on, was Marlon Brando a good actor when he was that young? Well, actually he was, but that's not the point... Who need perfect acting when the plot is perfect, right? And even if Simon isn't entirely convincing as the student, Lance does one hell of a job portaying the guidance counselor!

Best moment:
Usually, we don't go for castration fantasies - but the faux-castration in this video is ├╝ber-hot!
"Stay still, stay still", Lance says in a soothing voice while crunching Simon's ball. "It's starting to pop", he singsongs, "This is the favourite part of my job..." He grinds down on Simon's nut. "Yeah... yeah... yeah... and... Ah!" With a sigh of relief and a satisfied grin on his face, Lance squishes Simon's nut. "There we go. There we go!" - "You crushed it", Simon mumbles, staying remarkably calm. Lance smiles, "Yeah, with only one testicle, hopefully", he slaps Simon's remaining nut with his foot, "you'll be fine..." (starting at the 6:50 mark)

Things to watch out for:
1.) Lance being cheeky. "Being a student counselor is hard work", he says with a sober voice. Then he looks into the camera: "But I'm saving the youth of America..." Yes, you are!
2.) Hooray for professionalism! There are at least four or five times Lance says that he is a professional, usually before doing something really nasty...

Bottom line:
Great work, counselor!

4.5/5 - you actually don't need five, you know... :-))

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  1. I must say, this is one of my favourite clips. The acting - as you said - leaves a lot to be desired from Simon, but kudos to him - it must've been intimidating - hell, I'm sure I'd be far too horny to even think about acting!

    As a lover of feet, this vid did it for me. It was the closest thing to a footjob we've seen as of yet in these videos. I speak, of course, of the part where Lance casually plants his toes on Simon's obvious boner, saying something like, "Looks like you've still got something going on down there" and proceeds to wiggle his toes on Simon's trapped dick - orgasmic. But then he takes it a step further, turning and pushing the whole sole of his foot into Simon's cock, heel at the base and toes at the tip. It's the purely casual nature that makes me spurt every time, and I long to see more dick-abuse via feet soon. Especially from that gorgeous new model Johnny. He looks like he could have fun rubbing his feet over a writhing guy's cock after giving him a firm stomp to the nads.

  2. Hey Chris, thanks for your comment! You are the very first person to comment on this blog, so extra-thanks to you!
    I'm glad you liked the clip! And you made me realize that I didn't actually mention the foot action in my review. I'll try and include that aspect in future reviews so you'll know which clips are made to make you spurt... :-))