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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Peak Over The Fence: A Card Game With Lance...

Though this blog is primary focused on reviewing and discussing the clips released by Lance's M/M store Man Up, from time to time we will be mentioning a F/M clip that grabs our attention - which in this case is a fantastic clip with Lance on She Owns Your Manhood...

The desciption of the clip starts with a disclaimer: We have made a new commitment to step up the hardness of our ballbusting. Starting with this clip, every kick and knee hurts, or we do it again. I hope you like this new direction. (See Lance's blog for some personal thoughts on that issue.) It's really hard to resist a clip like this, and when we read that it involved Lance's balls and a card game, we just had to buy it...


Title: Brenna Peppers Card Game
Length: 11 mins
Price: $10.99

The story is pretty simple: Brenna convinces Lance to play a little game of cards. She draws a card, and the number on the card says how many times she will kick or knee Lance in the nuts. He'll get a blow job if he wins (we're not quite sure how he can win this, but that doesn't really matter anyway...), so he's quite excited and happily agrees to play with Brenna. The kicks and knees are dead-on in this one, and Lance moans and groans as you see and hear the hits connect with his nuts. In the end, Brenna puts out her tits and has Lance lie down on the floor (holding the camera for a great POV shot) to kick his balls some more and grind them with her foot.

Brenna is a nice, sweet, seemingly innocent girl, and she plays her cards just right. She really knows how to make Lance's nuts ache. And Lance does a great job taking all that abuse. His reactions are fantastic, and we just love how he grabs his junk and tries to comfort it by shifting it around in those sexy blue boxer briefs. He doesn't get a blow-job, but - judging from the obvious boner in his underwear - he does seem to enjoy this painful game...

You know this clip is for you if you like:
Female/male ballbusting
Nifty games
Hard kicks and knees

Preview video (provided by Lance himself over at ballbustingtube.com)

Buy this clip from Lance's F/M clip store.

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