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Friday, April 13, 2012

Clip Review: Taking a Stand - Nerd vs Jock Part 1

Starring: Cameron and Jake
Length: 7 mins
Price: $7.99


Cameron and Jake are working together on a project for science class - but Jake is less interested in discovering the mysteries of the universe and is more interested in discovering the color of his girlfriend's undies.  Cameron is sick and tired of big, dumb jocks like Jake getting their way all the time, and when something snaps in his brain, he unleashes years worth of pent up anger and frustration - and aims it all straight at poor Jake's manhood.  The brutal assault on the jock's balls takes Jake completely by surprise as his boy parts are kicked, kneed and squeezed - sapping him of all his strength and leaving him powerless to resist Cameron as his nerdy partner has his way with him - playing with his nutsack and dick like a lump of dough between his fingers.  The clip ends with Cameron stripping off Jake's shorts, and grabbing his junk through a pair of crisp, white boxer-briefs, leaving us to believe that Jake's ordeal is far from over.

This is the first 'role-playing scene' between Cameron and Jake, but the two appear comfortable together.  Jake's reactions are great, and Cameron reprises his role as a solid buster, though some of his dialogue does land a little flat at times - but perhaps that's exactly what we might expect a closeted nerd to sound like as he finally lets loose?

Best Moment:

After a continual barrage of kicks and knees, Cameron pushes Jake's hands away and grabs a big fistful of his studly man eggs and squeezes (starts at 3:15). Jake groans and shouts "FUCK!" as he writhes in pain and grabs Cameron's arm, but he seems to be unable to stop Cameron from having his way with his precious plums.  Too bad for him, Cameron doesn't appear to be in the mood for showing mercy, and he pinches, pulls, and squeezes the fuck out of Jake's tender nuggets - so much so that you can actually see Jake's shorts fall down and reveal the top few inches of his underwear… hot, HOT, HAWT!!!  Cameron spends the rest of the clip with his hands around Jake's dick and balls, pausing from time to time only to tease and torment the trapped stud.

Things to watch out for:

1. Cameron unleashes hell.  Seeing a hot guy take his frustration out on another hot guy?  Does it get any better than that?  At 1:00, Cameron just explodes, and starts wailing on Jake's nuts.  At first you can hear Jake laugh in response, but only a few seconds later the laughter ends and are replaced by his groans as Cameron launches his balls up inside of his abdomen.

2. Jake's attitude.  New boy Jake is not only a stud, he's a tough guy.  For a lot of us, the one of the most sexy aspects of ball busting is seeing a fit/powerful/physically dominant guy get owned by simply getting his nuts crunched.  Finally we are getting to see that, and we are LOVING IT!

Bottom Line:
Jocks beware and hid your balls when Nerds attack!

Preview video (provided by Lance himself over at ballbustingtube.com)

4.5/5 nuts

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  1. Could you guys start reviewing clips based on how hard the busts are? Jake is such a cute guy, I want to buy the clips where his nuts suffer the most. That kind of review info would be much appreciated!