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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Clip Review: Training For Ballbusting Olympics

Starring: Jake, Cameron and Lance
Length: 10 mins
Price: $9.99

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London are only three and a half months away - and in Tampa, Florida, the Beta Beta Fraternity is looking forward for their very own version of those games: The Ballbusting Olympics. And of course they have to train - and train hard... After all, the guys from Beta Cappa are going to be hard to beat! So Jake, Cameron and Lance prepare as thoroughly as they can. First, Cameron and Jake engage in a game of nutball, with Jake showing remarkable skills at throwing the little blue ball right into Cameron's nuts. Lance is behind the camera, egging them on. At first, the throws are a little off, but as soon as they start a real game (the first one to hit his opponent's balls 5 times wins), Jake shows his talent. It's almost as if he only waited for the real competition to begin... He gets in some hard hits right on target, and even though Cameron manages to throw a few bull's eyes of his own, Jake wins nutball, and Cameron grimaces in pain. Then we're off to a heated match of Roshambo, with Cameron and Jake trading nut kicks in rapid succession, occasionally throwing in a hard knee for good measure. They go harder and harder, their faces showing a hot mix of pain and ambition as they kick their opponent's crotch with increasing force. They take off their shirts, and then there's no holding back. We see their their packages bounce inside their loose-fitting shorts as they kick each others' groins. Suddenly, they turn on Lance and we get some point of view footage of Cameron and Jake kicking Lance's balls before Cameron takes over the camera. Now, Jake really goes to town on Lance's nuts. With Lance egging him on, Jake delivers a barrage of fierce nut crunching kicks to Lance's crotch that have Lance cringing and groaning. It's almost like watching a work-out video: Jake is panting heavily, showing us some kick/knee combos, throwing his whole body weight into those kicks, trying hard to cause as much pain as possible. These are probably the hardest kicks we've seen on Man Up! yet, and it's a lot of fun to watch the three guys go for it. In the end, Lance doubles over, moaning, "I think we got what it takes to win this shit..." Oh, yeah, we whole-heartedly agree!

In this clip, we have three great performances from Jake, Cameron and Lance! We absolutely buy the premise of them training for the Ballbusting Olympics, and that's because they have the frat guy attitude - there's a lot of laughter and friendly banter between them, and at the same time we get the feeling that those guys (especially Jake) want to do the best they can to damage their buddies' gonads.

Best moment:
Lance and his balls of steel get dragged out from behind the camera and gets busted at 8:15. We haven't seen a new clip with Lance in a couple of weeks (he had a "guest role" in Welcoming A New Recruit Seth McAdams on April 1st) and it's so good to see him again, getting his nuts crunched hard (very hard!) by Jake. Two minutes of hot, fierce, ball shattering kicks and knees. God bless you, Lance!

Things to watch out for:
1. Jake's kicks. They're a sight to see. That young, hot stud knows how to kick some balls! He doesn't hold back at all, and you can see the concentration on his face as he pummels Cameron's and Lance's nuggets with all the force he can muster.

2. Cameron's face. It seems like Jake is bringing Cameron to his limits. The longer the clip goes, the more his jaws clench, and in the end his face is shiny with sweat. He doesn't lose his good temper, though, trying to retaliate and bust Jake's nuts as good as his get busted. When Jake suggests that they turn their attention to Lance, though, you can see the look of relief in Cameron's eyes.

3. "Now we're talking!" There's a lot of fun dialogue in this clip: Jake and Cameron go back and forth, laughing and joking, and Lance continually throws in words of encouragement: "That's what I'm talking about... Eye of the tiger! Balls of the tiger!" - "We got a competitor here!" - "That was the side of the dick if anything..." - "Come on, that's what we need to fuckin' win!" - "We might have a new Beta Beta Nutball Team captain here in the making..." - "Fuck, yeah, come on!" - "Give me some of your knees, man!" - "Like a kickboxer, there you go!" - "Keep 'em coming, we gotta win!" That's what sports legends are made of!

Bottom line:
That's the (Olympic) spirit!

5/5 nuts

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  1. Liked the clip. Jake did a great job and I loved the hard busting (the straight videos always seem a lot harder). I like cameron as well, but he is too soft and I often think he misses target.

  2. Id love to see a trailer for this!!!!;)