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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Clip Review: Workout Partners Part 2

Starring: Cameron and Van
Length: 7 mins
Price: $7.99


After a pretty brutal work out in Part 1, Van meets up with Cameron in the locker room and tries to confront him about what just went down.  He complains that his "balls are bruised" and foolishly decides to pull them out for Cameron's inspection.  Van should know better... and the moment Cameron gets in close for a good look, he takes the opening and gives Van a nut tap before preceding to knee his friend right in his juicy plums.  Van's pleas for Cameron to "chill" fall on def ears as Cameron laughs and continues to press in for a clear shot at his gonads.  Van tries to protect his nuts, but to no avail, and finally wises up enough to grab Cameron's exposed nutsack!  "How do you like it now?" Van asks angrily, but his momentary grab for power is matched by Cameron reaching between his legs and grabbing a big 'ol fist full of Van's man meat.  The rest of the clip is then essentially a stand off, as the two men squish, squash, and tug on their opponent's equipment in the hopes of gaining the upper hand, but ultimately the contest is ended in a draw, and two hot guys are left with two VERY sore pairs of nuts...


This is some of the best acting we've seen from the models of Man Up!  Seriously.  Perhaps Cameron and Van truly are friends off the camera, or maybe they hate each-other's guts, but either way, they did a fantastic job playing two friends with a rivalry.  Van is totally believable, both with his anger at the situation and his retaliatory response, and Cameron plays the part of the ball busting instigator like a pro!

Best moment:
Well, perhaps we're cheating, but the best moment is the ball squeezing contest that begins at 1:20 and continues on until practically the end of the clip (7:00).  We've not seen anything like this in bb clips out there, and it's just fantastic!!!  The grunts, the groans, the looks of misery, and the way both of their ballsacks seem to shine as their nuts are pulled to the limits.... ahhhhhh.  But, if we HAD to chose a specific moment in that window that was "the best" then it would probably have to be 6:38 when the boys appear to call a truce and agree to let go of each other on the count of three... one... two... three... AHHHHHH!!!! Instead of letting go, both Cameron and Van seem to double down and crunch each other's balls even harder!!!

Things to watch out for:
1) Some exquisite moaning.  At 5:08 Van cries out, "My balls, my balls!"  Both his and Cameron's nuts sure do take a pounding in this one, and the guys sure let us know about it!!!

2) Cameron sports wood!!!  Throughout the clip while Van is squeezing Cameron's balls, it's hard to miss his throbbing cock.  Perhaps Cameron is starting to understand the full power of the dark side that is ball busting… or he just likes to have Van holding his goods.  Either way, continue on boys!!!!

Bottom line:
This brings a whole knew meaning to the concept of "tug of war!"

5/5 nuts

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