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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spotlight: Cameron

Having shot more than 25 clips (more than any other model), Cameron is one of the most hard-working guys in front of Lance's camera. And after he has just been crowned "Mr. March" with 40% of the vote, we think it is time to look back at Cameron's work for Man Up so far.

from Cameron And Seth Bust Lance's Balls (review/clip)
Just like the rest of the models Lance works with, Cameron is one hot dude: He has a great body with muscles in all the right places, a handsome face with a killer smile, and - of course - a nice set of equipment... On top of that, he is a talented actor: He has played nerds, abusive authority figures, and abused superheroes - and he always manages to strike the right notes. Add to that his enthusiasm and his fun-loving attitude and you have a ballbusting superstar.

from 2 New Recruits Van And Cameron (review/clip)

Cameron's first appearance in a ballbusting clip (after having done quite a bit of work in gay porn) in 2 New Recruits Van And Cameron (review/clip) back in March, was the beginning of a series of increasingly great performances. For us, the most fascinating thing is how Cameron's attitude towards hurting his co-stars' nuts has evolved: from being a ballbusting novice to a nutcrunching veteran in just a few weeks...

from Captain America Gets A Ballbusting Handjob (review/clip)

In the first couple of clips, he seems to hold back a little, not going full force with the ballbusting, trying not to hurt his partner's testicles, and he seemed a bit shy about taking too much pain himself. In the earlier clips, he made up for that by giving us a couple of pretty fantastic handjob scenes: In Captain America Gets A Ballbusting Handjob (review/clip) he is the titular hero who is milked by his psychiatrist; in Where's The Bag? (review/clip) he plays a mob goon who extracts a big, messy load from Van's supersized gonads; and as the Dirty Doctor he abuses Van again, milking him completely dry (review/clip).

In all the clips with Van, the ballbusting is pretty light, and the action is more focused on the handjob and the sexual humiliation of a forced milking.

That changes when he is paired with new model Seth. In is obvious right from the start that those two are having a great time together. In the video Behind The Scenes: Ballbusting Warm Up (review/clip) that lets us catch a glimpse of what goes on before the cameras are turned on there's a great moment where Cameron explains his own approach to the fetish: "It's about the excitement - am I gonna get hit?" From that moment on, the ballbusting gets harder and we get the feeling that Cameron really gets into it.

from Cameron And Seth Bust Lance's Balls (review/clip)
Together with Seth (who obviously enjoys busting a pair of juicy testicles very much...) Cameron creates some outstanding clips that focus on the fun of busting balls: Cameron And Seth Bust Lance's Balls (review/clip) is a perfect example of two guys having a great time busting another guy's nuts. And in Nutball Victory Bust Part 1 (review/clip) Cameron shows that he can take some pain: Seth is a great ballbuster, and Cameron doesn't shy away from having his nuts crunched.

In Foot On Balls Handjob - Nutball Victory Bust Part 2 (review/clip) we witness a fantastic handjob and not one but two hot, creamy loads of cum, making this clip one of our personal favourites.

In addition to some great ballbusting and handjob clips, Cameron and Seth do some outstanding foot fetish work in Cameron Wanted to Fuck Seth's Feet (review/clip) and Seth And Cameron Foot Play (review/clip) - and even though we wouldn't consider ourselves foot fetishists, while watching those clips we found ourselves wondering: Maybe it's time to take up a new fetish...

from Welcoming Jake To Man Up! (review/clip)
After having a great time with Seth, Cameron shoots a series of clips with new model Jake. And again, those two guys have great chemistry. Jake (who is a kickboxer - yes, a kickboxer!) seems to be an even more enthusiastic ballbuster than Seth, and Cameron proves that he is capable to take his kicks and hits like a pro. With Jake, Cameron shoots some of the hardest ballbusting clips in Lance's store, starting with Welcoming Jake To Man Up! (review/clip).

Cameron gets to crunch Jake's pair of plump low-hangers in Taking A Stand - Nerd vs Jock Part 1 (review/clip) and proceeds to milk a juicy load of cum out of Jake in Taking A Stand - Nerd vs Jock Part 2 (review/clip).

from Dirty Soccer Coach Part 2 (review/clip)
Jake gets to return the favor in Dirty Soccer Coach Part 1 (review/clip) and especially Dirty Soccer Coach Part 2 (review/clip). Those clips are really outstanding, with great kicks and fantastic acting. Along with Training For Ballbusting Olympics (review/clip), they mark the highlights of Cameron's work for Lance to date: The chemistry between Jake and Cameron is just perfect and it's fascinating to see the journey of Cameron to become one of the most prolific, versatile and devoted models in Man Up!

Thanks, Cameron, for your work so far - we sure hope to see much more of you!

from Training For Ballbusting Olympics (review/clip)

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