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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Clip Review: Skull and Bones Hazing

Starring: Troy and Theo
Length: 6 mins
Price: $6.99

In the midst of pledging the Skull and Bones Fraternity, Theo finds himself stripped naked and bound to a dungeon wall in the basement of the frathouse where no one can hear his screams or cries for help.  Troy is the frat's dungeon master and resident "nad extricator" for the evening and after informing Theo that the price of admission to the fraternity is one (or both!) of his nuts, Troy goes to town on Theo's fat danglers, kicking and kneeing Theo's twin orbs for all their worth!

Troy seems to have found his calling in this clip as 'the buster'.  He seems more confident in delivering his dialogue, and even more so at taking a big crack at his co-star's baby-makers!  Of course, it doesn't hurt that Theo has a VERY NICE pair of nuts swinging between his legs, a tough constitution, and a apparent willingness to get his boys roughed up.  This is probably the best interaction between these two models we've seen yet!

Best moment:
Saving the best for last... the best moment in the clip is just before the end, starting at 6:15 when Troy jams his thigh up into Theo's nutsack and we get to see Theo's balls compress against Troy's leg.  They look even heavier and juicier than normal when they're being mangled by Troy's leg.  "Do you think you can deal with losing both of those?" Troy asks as he grinds Theo's balls.  Theo shakes his head, looking scared.  "No... please don't do it!"  Completely disregarding Theo's plea to keep his manhood, Troy slaps his hand against the wall and says he's going to go get his machete!

Things to watch out for:
1.Theo plays coy... At 0:24 Troy informs Theo that if he wants to join the frat, he's going to have to part with something important and then asks him how he'd like to give up his balls.  "You mean my baseballs?"  Theo asks, looking confused.  "Nah, nah, nah your nads, boy, your nads!"  Troy fires back.

2. Troy is a boy that knows how to get what he wants, and in this case, it's better access to Theo's juicy plums!  There are several points in the clip when Troy pulls Theo's hips out away from the wall, forcing Theo to expose his meaty jewels to a flurry of kicks and knees that more times then not tend to hit their mark ;-)

3. Theo's bouncing manhood!  Some of the kicks and knees's don't quite find their mark, but then some do!  And you wanna know how you can tell?  Just check out the way Theo's cock and balls flop around as he's getting drilled in the nuggets!!!!  It's just glorious... check it out around the 1:40 mark, it's quite a doozy! 

Bottom line:
All pledges should swing by the local fertility clinic and make a deposit before they pledge for the Skull and Bones....

4/5 nuts

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