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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Clip Review: Foot Fetish Psych Ward Part 1

Starring: Cameron and Van
Length: 12 mins
Price: $12.99

Male Feet

Van is the patient in the psychiatric ward of Dr. Cameron Kincade, and of course he doesn't feel like he belongs there. Dr. Cameron doesn't waste a lot of time trying to convince him - better start with the therapy right away! When he mentions "pressure points" we get a pretty good idea what he's up to - after all, he's the master of the nut house... The doctor caresses Van's nice, big package inside his grey briefs with his feet before he sits down and starts licking and sucking on Van's toes and feet while gently rubbing his own foot on Van's genitals. "Let me help you - that's all I wanna do", he tells Van who looks quite surprised with the doc's extraordinary approach. Actually, we have no idea how this is going to help Van - but it sure looks like he is enjoying the foot licking and toe sucking... The growing bulge inside Van's briefs speaks volumes. And the doctor is enjoying himself, too, so he drops his pants and starts using Van's feet, rubbing them over his rock-hard cock and slipping his cock between them for a nice, gentle foot fuck...

Cameron is a foot guy, no doubt about it. It's very obvious that he enjoys working Van's feet, sucking and licking them, and using them for his pleasure. Both Cameron and Van don't spend too much time establishing the scene - and they don't have to. This is about one guy taking advantage of another guy (and his feet), plain and simple, and it looks like Van is getting his share of pleasure, too...

Best moment:
When Cameron starts licking and sucking on Van's toes, you hear him slurping and moaning, obviously enjoying having Van's foot in his mouth. Mmmm. Tasty... (starts at 4:25)

Things to watch out for:
1.) Loving the job. It's so important that you feel that your doctor enjoys what he's doing, right? Ohh, and Dr. Cameron does. He drops his pants, and there it is: a wonderful erection. If only there were more doctors like him...

2.) Trust him, he's a doctor. It's so important that the patient lets the doctor take control, right? In that respect, Van is the perfect patient. Why rack your brain about how this is going to help, just enjoy the treatment and go with the flow - some nice, hot foot action can't do any harm...

Bottom line:
Maybe we wouldn't trust Cameron with our psyche - but we'd sure let him treat our feet...

4/5 nuts

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