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Friday, May 11, 2012

Clip Review: Wrestling Lesson Gone Weird

Starring: Theo and Troy
Length: 9 mins
Price: $8.99

Theo comes to see Troy to learn some wrestling moves. From the start, we get a bit of a weird vibe from Theo - he says he's interested in learning to wrestle, but we quickly discover that Theo's notion of what constitutes "wrestling" is in fact, a not so veiled attempt to get his hands on Troy's balls!  After a couple of minutes of Theo finding ways to get close to Troy and his valuables, Theo ditches the subtle attempts and goes for the kill, grabbing his wrestling teacher's balls and squeezing hard. As the ball grinding goes on, Troy gets increasingly uncomfortable (and sore) with another guy going after his nuts and tries to explain that attacking the nuts isn't wrestling, but Theo doesn't seem to be interested in the technicalities.  He gets in a couple of knees and kicks as well, and Troy's shouts of protest fall on deaf ears. In the end, Troy succumbs, and Theo gets his way, making Troy lie down on the floor, his legs spread apart, while Theo grinds his nuts with his bare foot. By then Troy is just worn out from all the abuse between his legs and has no choice but to simply submit to all the ball-smashing and nut-grinding action as Theo reeks havoc on his manhood!

Theo is very convincing as the swishy gay guy who makes the manly wrestling coach uncomfortable. And it's fun to see him try and find different ways to get to the coach's nuts. While this strategy might not work in real life (After his first attempt, Theo certainly would have to nurse a pair of very bruised gonads, and his sex drive might be taken down a notch...) - it works just fine in this clip!  And Troy's reaction is exactly what you'd expect from a straight guy who's being hit on and busted by a gay guy.  First confusion, followed by pain, swelling, and testicle cupping.... ;-)

Best moment:
After having squeezed and kneaded Troy's nuts for most of the clip, Theo grabs his ankles, spreads them and starts stomping and grinding his balls into his pelvis. Thanks to the tight, bright white boxer-briefs Troy's wearing, you really get to see the two round lumps of his nuts get squished by Theo's bony ankle! Troy pants and whimpers and holds his head in disbelief as if to say, "what the fuck?" as Theo just merrily goes along and continues to stomp the life out of his balls. (starts at 8:15)

Things to watch out for:
1.) Speak for yourself! "This is clearly not working", Troy gasps several times throughout the clip. Well, its obviously working for Theo who has the time of his life humiliating his teacher... and us too!

2.) Weird or wonderful?  You decide... but seeing a guy take step up and take the bull by the horn (or rather, by the balls) is fantastic!  This is for all those hot guys in high school and college that you watched from and fantasized about getting to bust, but never did. One thing is clear: If your fetish is "gay guys making straight guys uncomfortable" - this is the clip for you...

3) Theo's nice big bulge.  Yes, by now we've all gotten a chance to check out Theo's goods, but damn can that boy fill out a pair of tighty-whities.  Too bad he didn't get busted in this one, it would have been awesome to get to watch that big, heavy pouch of his get batted around a little bit.  ;-)

Bottom line:
Wrestling sure does not get any weirder when you enter the mat with a ball buster...

4.5/5 nuts

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