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Monday, February 11, 2013

Clip Review: Mutual Foot Worship Jake And Cameron

Starring: Cameron and Jake

Length: 7 mins
Price: $7.99

Length: 9 mins
Price: $9.99

Length: 16 mins
Price: $13.99

Male Feet

Jake is back! And apparently Cameron is just as happy about that as we are. "I've been working with some interesting fellows but I definitely missed having you around", he tells Jake. And Jake looks just as yummy as he did last time around. The two guys don't waste any time, stripping each other, comparing their muscles along the way. Cameron massages Jake's socked foot and puts it in his mouth, licking the toes and soaking the socks with his spit. The socks come off and Cameron admires Jake's big feet. He sucks on his toes, sticking his tongue between them, while Jake leans back and enjoys the treatment. We know Cameron is a foot lover, and he has a field day sloppily worshiping Jake's feet. Jake takes off his shirt, showing off his muscular, tattooed chest.

In part 2, it's time for Jake to return the favor. After an extensive foot massage, Jake takes off Cameron's socks. Cameron rubs his crotch, moaning in pleasure. Jake licks Cameron's foot and sucks on his toes. Apparently, Cameron can't stand not having a foot in his mouth, so he grabs Jake's foot, and they start the foot fetish equivalent of 69ing, each of them sucking and licking and rubbing the other's foot. Wgile Jake has one of Cameron's feet in his mouth, the other one massages his crotch, making both of them moan and pant. Cameron looks at the camera and grins, "It's getting good now!" They take their time tongue-bathing each other's feet until they agree that they are sufficiently warmed up. "Let's get to work now", Cameron grins.

This clip is not a scripted scene, it's a warm-up session before the shooting starts, and we're glad we get to witness it. These guys are not acting, they are having fun. They leisurely pleasure each other, worshiping each others' feet and having a great time together. 

Best moment:
Cameron rubs Jake's crotch with his sock-clad foot, and it's very obvious that Jake is enjoying it. The camera closes in on his crotch, and we get a nice visual on his hard cock inside his dress pants. "There's something down there", Cameron muses, and Jake grins. (starts at 6:50 in part 2)

Things to watch out for:
Jake's body! While the stars in this clip obviously are the protagonists' feet, we couldn't help but marvel at Jake's body. His wonderful muscles, his tattoos - this guy has plenty to look at!

Jake's haircut! Short on the top, long in the back - we're divided about that new haircut Jake is sporting. Is it hot, is it not? Well, it's definitely an eye-catcher...

Bottom line:
That's one hot warm-up session!

4/5 nuts

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