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Monday, May 14, 2012

Clip Review: Workout Partners Part 1

Starring: Cameron and Van
Length: 4 mins
Price: $4.99

We're not quite sure why Cameron and Van decided to be workout partners, but apparently it seemed like a good idea at the time... Anyway, things aren't going quite as they were planned: Van wants to lift weights, and Cameorn wants to practice his kicks. After asking nicely a couple of times, Cameron decides to use a bit of force to get Van to cooperate, and - what do you know? - after having his balls grabbed, squeezed and kneed just a little bit, Van quickly agrees to help Cameron. He holds the kick pad for him while Cameron practices some hard kicks and knees - but Van just can't stop tasing Cameron and making fun of him. Some word of advice, Van: Don't ridicule your workout partner when you are not wearing a cup! It doesn't take long for Cameron to exchange the kick pad for Van's crotch, and he gets in some nice, hard knees, bringing Van down to the ground quickly. Cameron proceeds grinding Van's nuts, squishing his balls into the ground with his bare foot. "What the fuck was that for?" Van whines. "That's how I train", Cameron laughs. A few seconds later, he wants to say sorry - but his apology takes a nasty turn, with one last hard knee into Van's crotch. Van is left doubled over, and Cameron leaves the room laughing. The end titles say "to be continued in the locker room..." Ouch. Van, you better bring your cup!

Both Cameron and Van are very believable as friends of convenience, trying to get along - when all they want is to get their own training done... Cameron shows his mean side when he lets out his frustration on Van's poor nuts. And Van hits all the right notes, playing his role with an annoying, snotty arrogance - oh man, we'd so knee him in the nuts if we met him at the gym!

Best moment:
After his knee connects with Van's nuts for the first time, Cameron throws away the kick pad. Van looks confused for a brief moment, before Cameron starts a series of hard knees into Van's crotch, leaving Van panting heavily. (starts at 2:20)

Things to watch out for:
1.) Van is back - and he looks better than ever! After filming some clips with Cameron in March, Van has returned to get his balls busted... And he looks great: His body is in great shape and his fresh new haircut looks very hot on him...

2.) Something funny? Maybe Van isn't in the mood for laughing, but Cameron doesn't lose his humor. He is laughing and chuckling at his mate's pain throughout the clip. The fake apology at the end is just the icing on the cake...

Bottom line:
There's nothing like a good knee in the nuts to shut your workout buddy up!

4/5 nuts

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