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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clip Review: Ballbusting In The New Studio

Starring: Van, Lance and Cameron
Length: 7 mins
Price: $7.99

Hurray! Lance has got a new studio to film ballbusting clips - and what better way to introduce us to it than by busting a couple of nice pairs of bare balls? The new studio has a weight room in it (we already saw it in Workout Partners Part 1 and Part 2), and this is where we meet Lance, Van and Cameron. They tell us that have just finished shooting a couple of clips including wrestling and ball squeezing - and apprently they are up for more. After showing off their freshly pedicured feet ("If I didn't do fetish porn I'd never know about the awesomeness of getting pedicures and foot massages", Lance tells us from behind the camera.), Cameron knees Van in the nuts a couple of times with Van commenting on the hits and joking about them. "Phew", Van groans after a couple of knees. "I really do hope that my kids don't come out with three eyes..." Don't you worry, Van, the guys at Man Up will make sure that you won't have any kids at all... Now it's Cameron's turn. "Give Cameron some knees", Lance says. "Bare balled", Cameron adds. Van treats Cameron to a couple of nice, hard knees before Cameron lies down on the weight bench to get his nuts squished by Van's knee. After that, Van takes the camera and Lance drops his pants to let Cameron give him a few ballbusting knees that make his naked nuts and his cock bounce. Then they continue with Lance lying down on the bench to experience a bit of knee grinding from Cameron. In the end, Lance can't just let Cameron's naked genitals flop around like that without treating him to a couple of hard knees and kicks that make Cameron groan in pain. "There you go", Lance grins after a kick that connects hard with Cameron's nuts. "That was a good one... Really got him there... Sorry about that..." Oh, don't be sorry, Lance - that's what we love to see! :-))

It's always great to see three guys having fun. And we sure love those behind the scenes videos. It's the reality behind all those ballbusting shoots that is a huge turn-on. Lance is a great porn producer - and in this clip you get another glimpse of what it's like to shoot with him. Cameron continues his journey to become a ballbusting pro - and it's great to see him take some serious kicks to his naked nuts. And Van is obviously enjoying the shoot, cracking jokes all the time... All three of them look fantastic, with their ripped bodies and six-pack abs. We can't wait to see more clips in the new studio...

Best moment:
Lance drops his pants and let's Cameron give him a few knees. His unk looks fantastic as Cameron power's knee after knee into his fat nuts. But Van apparently thinks it's necessary to encourage Cameron a bit more: "Come on, Cameron, Miss Daisy hits harder than that", he says from behind the camera. And it works. Cameron's knees get even harder, making Lance's cock slap against his abs. Van, you should start a career as a motivational speaker... (starts at 5 mins)

Things to watch out for:
1.) Counting the nuts. When Lance tells Cameron to knee Van in the nuts, Van reaches inside his pants and grabs his nuts. "Let me count them... one... two..." he mumbles. "You still got two balls after all that?" Lance chuckles. "Three - got them all", Van grins. We just love guys who can joke about nut-pain...

2.) Covering the eyes. Van covers Cameron's eyes with his hand before he starts kneeing his bare balls. A very cute idea that makes for an exciting visual!

Bottom line:
One new studio, three hot guys, six tender nuts (oh, excuse us, Van - seven...) - you just can't go wrong...

4.5/5 nuts

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