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Monday, May 28, 2012

Clip Review: No Man Left Behind Part 1

Starring: Van and Cameron
Length: 8 mins
Price: $8.99

No man left behind? Well, that's certainly Cameron's wish in this clip... Somehow, apparently Lance left the dungeon after trying out the new handcuffs without untying Cameron first, and now the poor sod is all alone in a very vulnerable position, stark naked, his legs spread, his hands and feet cuffed to a wooden board. Oh dear. But thankfully his friend Van arrives. He is going to untie him right away, right? Well, Van has something different in mind... He rubs his hands and says joyfully: "Lance left you here all tied up for me?" Van climbs on top of board, standing between Cameron's thighs - and we know this is going to be good. He fakes a couple of kicks to Cameron's nuts, teasing him ("Why are you flinching?"), before kicking and kneeing his balls a couple of times. Cameron isn't too enthusiastic about this, telling Van that he sucks - and of course Van can't let that stand! He shifts his attention from Cameron's genitals to his tongue and sticks his foot in Cameron's face. "I'm gonna kick you so hard in the balls if you don't do a good job on my feet", he tells his friend, making Cameron suck on his toes and lick his soles. Then it's time for more nut pain. "You didn't lick my feet right", Van shrugs before grinding his heel into Cameron's bare balls, making him groan in pain. More than two dozen kicks and knees later, Van leaves. When he comes back, Cameron is really pissed, which Van thinks is quite hilarious. Cameron's protests don't stop Van from kicking and grinding his nuts some more. And since Cameron doesn't say "please" when he asks Van to untie him (what a rude boy!), Van leaves him in his delicate position when he exits the room - leaving us wondering what's going to happen in part 2...

It's obvious that there is a lot of improvisation in this clip, and Cameron and Van have a lot of fun with it. Obviously, Van is driving the plot, making fun of Cameron, teasing and threatening him, acting like a total jerk. Cameron is quite believable as the damsel in distress, totally at Van's mercy...

Best moment:
"I know where you are going with this", Cameron sighs when Van decides to climb on top of the board stands between his legs. "Come on, man, this is like real-real." - "This is not real-real", Van grins. Cameron is on edge: "What are you talking about?! What scene is this right now?!" Van shrugs: "This is just us having fun. I mean---" - "Yeah, you're having fun." - "I'm having fun!" Van lifts his hands and grins. "I don't know about you, but---", he says and, out of nowhere, kicks Cameron's balls hard. We see Cameron's nuts bounce up as he groans in pain, marking the starting point for a couple of nice, hard nut crunching kicks and knees. (starts at 0:56)

Things to watch out for:
1.) Nice dungeon! We've already seen the weight room, the locker room and the psychiatric ward of the new studio - and now we get to see the dungeon in all it's glory. Those leather straps and handcuffs sure look pretty real, and the knight's armor in the background makes for a very fancy accessory... Nice!

2.) You gotta have friends! We don't know if Van and Cameron are friends or if they met on Lance's set for the first time - but like in Workout Partners Part 1 and Part 2 we wouldn't be surprised to hear that they shared an apartment in college. The chemistry is great, and we are very happy that Van is letting Cameron feel quite a bit of pain in this clip...

Bottom line:
Every fetish model's nightmare - tied up at the mercy of a "friend"...

4.5/5 nuts

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