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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Clip Review: Mr. Fantastic's Stretchy Balls Part 1

Starring: Troy and Theo
Length: 7 mins
Price: $6.99

Ah - the perils of superheroes! Theo stars as Reed Richards, also known as Mr. Fantastic, who has to see the doctor (played by Troy) because of testicular problems and an "upset penis". The first thing the doctor does is give Mr. Fantastic a drug that eliminates his superpowers (Mr. Fantastic is able to stretch his limbs to fantastic lengths) before tying him to the bed - and you know right away that this is not your ordinary physician... Our superhero asks the obvious question: "Why are you in your underwear?" And let's just say the doctor's answer is not entirely convincing - maybe we are dealing with an imposter here? Before our poor superhero knows it, the doctor climbs up onto the bed and spreads his legs, driving a couple of knees into Mr. Fantastic's balls. He knees his nuts and squeezes them, trying to determine where the problem parts are. He starts panting heavily, trying to find the right angle to hurt those stretchy balls good and proper. After a couple of knees hit home, the doctor announces that he'll be right back to give Mr. Fantastic a check-up - and we fear that there will be more pain in store for our superhero...

Theo does a good job as Mr. Fantastic. His reactions are nice, and we are very happy that he seems to enjoy the workout the doctor gives him. Troy seems to have to try really hard to hurt Theo, though, and it looks like most of the knees miss their mark. Apparently the costume offers good protection for the superhero's private parts, which is great news in everyday superhero affairs - but it may be a little disappointing in a ball busting clip, we are afraid...

Best moment:
Finally, the doc has found the right angle to hurt Mr. Fantastic's balls. He knees them a couple of times, making Theo groan in pain. "The fucking rubber balls of yours", the doctor grunts, pounding his knee between the superhero's legs, "I'll break the shit out of your fucking balls!" (starts at 5:59)

Things to watch out for:
1. Something's stretching inside the suit! It looks like Mr. Fantastic is enjoying the rough treatment he's getting: We may be mistaken but there seems to be an obvious bulge in Mr. Fantastic's pants. The drugs don't work, doc...

2. Doc's desperation. We get a bit of insight into the doctor's mind as he pounds Mr. Fantastic's balls with his knee: "Nothing?! Mr. Reed!? Nothing?`Seriously! Come on! You scumbag superheroes with you invisible testicles! Those balls won't break! It's like trying to smash marbles! And this guy is supposed to be made of rubber! What do I do if I get Superman?!" Sigh. Yeah, breaking balls of steel is hard work...

Bottom line:
Beware of doctors who tie you to the bed...

3.5/5 nuts

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  1. Is there a reason why busters can't keep their clothes on in these videos? I mean, I can understand if the busted guy is in his underwear, but busters could keep their pants on. These torture scenes would be more believable, and therefore much hotter. Just my opinion, anyway.