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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Clip Review: No Man Left Behind Part 2

Starring: Cameron and Van
Length: 6 mins
Price: $6.99

Remember the old adage from the Golden Rule, "do unto others as you would wish them do on to you?"  Well, in this clip Van learns this lesson the hard way!  Now it's his turn to be tied down, naked and gagged when his old buddy Cameron walks in.  In the previous clip (Part1) Van had found Cameron in a similar predicament, and he ended up using the opportunity to have a little fun with his pal and busted his balls mercilessly as Cameron strained against his restraints.  Van already knows what is in store for him the moment he see's Cameron's smiling face and screams unintelligible  obscenities through his gag.  Of course, Cameron doesn't waste any time going for Van right where he lives - his manhood!  He really works Van's gonads over in this one, grabbing, squeezing, and kneeing poor Van's studly eggs until they're good and sore... and then adding insult to injury, he doesn't even bother to free Van!  Instead, he saunter's away after dealing out a big dose of ball abuse to his co-star.

It's always great to see Cameron and Van on the screen together.  They have great chemistry, and really seem comfortable with the task of scrambling each other's gonads - which is great for us, but probably not so great for the prospect of little Cameron and Van juniors running around.  Oh well, that's what it takes to make it in this biz, so get back to cracking each other's nuts boys!

Best moment:
Van is totally at Cameron's mercy in this one.  He knows it, and Cameron knows it - and still he does everything he can to protect his precious jewels! Sadly for him, there isn't much he can do other than squirm and keep his thighs firmly together (which only seems to mash his balls between his own muscular legs).  But Cameron doesn't let any of this stop him... if he can't get access through the front door, he decides to through the back! At 1:15, he reaches behind Van and smacks his ass a few times and even appears to reach for the back of his sack, which makes Van jump and squirm even more.  Then Cameron see's his opening, and reaches between his legs and gets a nice, big fist full of Van's basket.  Van moans and cries in pain, realizing that he's been had as Cameron twists his plump nuts around in his fist.  Poor man!  When is he going to ever learn?  You can't go around with a nice big, bustable pair nuts and not expect to get knocked around when you're hanging around with Cam...

Things to watch out for:
1.) Van's fighting spirit!  You'd expect a guy who's tied up and gagged might just lie back and accept the torment from a buster as experienced as Cameron, but in Van's case you'd be dead wrong!  He doesn't just lie down and accept his fate, he fights back... or at least tries his best to make it harder for Cameron to bust him.  Too bad for Van, Cameron really is a pro at this point, and despite his best efforts, Cameron manages to get ahold of his ripe plums and goes to town... but at least he goes down with a fight!

2.) The lotion on the bottom right of the screen.  Too bad Cameron didn't whip it out in this vid and milk a nice, fat load out of Van's nuggets this time... but it would have been so nice if he had! Perhaps the guys were saving the money shot for another clip we've yet to see?  I guess we'll just keep our fingers crossed ;-)

Bottom line:
What goes around, comes around... and typically is aimed straight at the balls when it involves the guys of Man Up!

4.5/5 nuts

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  1. Cameron is much better than Van in the role of the buster, as Van is much better then Cameron in the role of the victim. It'd be great if this clip had some kind of plot like in the Mafia Tales.