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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Clip Review: Gas Or Ass Spanking

Starring: Theo and Troy

Length: 7 mins
Price: $7.99

Spanking M/M

No money, mo' problems... Theo owes Troy the gas money for the drive to the Man Up shoot. Unfortunately, Theo can't give it to him - which naturally enrages Troy. "What am I supposed to do?" Troy asks. "Take it out on my ass", Theo suggests, bends over and slaps his ass. Of course, Troy can't let such an opportunity pass, and he starts spanking Theo's butt. At first, he slaps Theo's clothed ass, talking himself into a rage. When Lance (from behind the camera) suggests taking down Theo's briefs, things get even more heated. This is the most painful spanking clip that Man Up has produced yet: Theo's butt gets thoroughly spanked, and his cheeks are glowing red when Troy is done with him...

This clip is all about Troy and his love for butt smacking. He has a lot of crazy comments and weird ideas that pop into his head while he spanks Theo's ass. And what a gorgeous, spankable ass Theo has! We have seen his ample genitalia in the Skull And Bones Hazing clip - and now we get to witness his ass is just as perfect as his cock and balls. Well, some boys got it all...

Best moment:
After having spanked Theo's clothed butt for a couple of minutes, Troy pulls down his briefs and looks at his naked ass. "Phew", he sighs. "That thing is gonna be the spokesperson for 'The Color Purple', I swear to God..." And then he starts spanking Theo's naked butt, making sure that Theo's cheeks get even more colorful... (starts at 3:55)

Things to watch out for:
1.) Hard hits. Troy really goes to town on Theo's butt. There's no holding back and Troy obviously enjoys spanking poor Theo's behind. In the end, Theo's cheeks are burning red and Troy looks like he could go on forever and ever...

2.) Choreography. "You know what?" Troy says after slapping Theo's right butt cheek. "There's that military song that I LOVE - how does it go? Left, left, left, right, left..." And with that Troy spanks the respective cheeks. If the military has given us one thing, it's a nice choreography for a good, old spanking...

Bottom line:
Theo sure won't be sitting down for a while...

4.5/5 nuts

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