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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Clip Review: Ball Squeezing Yoga 101

Starring: Theo and Troy
Length: 9 mins
Price: $8.99

Troy has come to Theo to find his inner "me", and Theo knows just the way to look for it. You know, Theo is a Yoga master, and the first thing he does is grab a nice handful of Troy's junk. "There's your root chakra", he explains. Troy is hesitant at first, but Theo manages to convince him to go through a couple of increasingly weitd and difficult yoga positions - which somehow always involve some manipulation of Troy's "root chakra"... The ballbusting is pretty light in this clip, there's a lot ot fondling and caressing, with plenty of squeezes and grabs, and the occasional hard knee in the nuts thrown in. Theo does everything he can to help Troy find his inner me. Frankly, we don't know if he found it in the end - but we're pretty sure he has a pair of sore "root chakras" now...

Theo knows his Yoga, that's for sure. And it's kinda amazing to see him in the Yoga positions. Troy on the other hand seems kinda clumsy at times - which is perfectly in line with his role as the eager student, of course...

Best moment:
Theo shows Troy how to do "the bridge", and Troy is clearly having trouble holding the position. And we are not completely convinced that Theo is helping him when he powers his knee between Troy's thighs or pulls him up by his balls... (starts at 3:15)

Things to watch out for:
1.) That's the spirit! After having endured quite some ball pain (a couple of knees and lots of squeezes), Troy says in a pained voice, "Oh, wow, okay - I found the center of something..."

2.) A nice handful. It's quite obvious that Theo really enjoys grabbing Troy's junk. His hand constantly reaches for Troy's manhood, and he finds a lot of very compromising positions for Troy that make him expose his equipment so that he can reach out and grab it...

Bottom line:
Now we know why Yoga is so popular!

4/5 nuts

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