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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A peak over the fence: Brutal Ballbusting Interns Break Young Dr in Psych Ward

Back by popular demand, Johnny "Big Nuts" has returned to Lance's studio and we couldn't be more thrilled! Of course in addition to his appearance on Man Up, he's also turned up in F/M clips from Lance's other store, She Owns Your Manhood.  All of Johnny's clips are superb, so it was truly difficult picking one to review, but in the end we picked what Lance himself described as "the most intense beating" he has ever filmed.  That's saying quite a lot, considering all the awesome footage Lance has shot... and well, then the added fact that it's Johnny meant that we HAD to review: Brutal Ballbusting Interns Break Young Dr in Psych Ward!

Title: Brutal Ballbusting Interns Break Young Dr in Psych Ward                      
Length: 8 mins       
Price: $7.99              

Dr. Johnny really enjoys the perks to his job, especially when it means he gets young hot interns assigned to him.  Now it's time for him to sign off for two young ladies to get their college credit, but he see's it as an opportunity to get a little three-way action... too bad for him the girls aren't about to let him get away with any hanky-panky.  Instead they turn the tables on him, and start wailing on his nuts like there's no tomorrow!!!  Dr. Johnny doesn't seem to know how to respond to the constant barrage and he tries to protect his manhood from the two crazed women, but they aren't having any of it!  Sorry doc, you'll probably have to ice it for a few days...

Johnny does a great job taking everything the girls dish out to him, which just goes to prove that he's a real trooper!  You'll notice that the clip ends rather abruptly, and that's because Lance ends the scene early for fear that Johnny's boys might get seriously bruised - but you'd hardly know from Johnny's performance... what a professional! :-)

You know this clip is for you if you like:
Female/male ballbusting

Wicked knees and kicks

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