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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Clip Review: Photoshoot from Hell Part 1

Starring: Cameron and Kyle
Length: 10 mins
Price: $8.99

Cameron is trying to conduct a photo shoot with Kyle, a hot, young, fresh new model.  He's got a great body, but Cameron can't seem to get him to give him the "look" he needs - severe, strong, and sexy.  After several failed attempts, Cameron's patience is running thin and he decides that if Kyle can't do it on his own, he's going to force him to do it by stepping on his balls!  The first time Cameron's foot comes down on Kyle's junk sure does get a reaction, but despite the ball busting, Cameron just can't seem to get the smirk off Kyle's face.  He even pulls off Kyle's shorts and underwear off, working his naked nuts and dick over with his foot, but Kyle's big smile just won't be conquered, until Cameron's left no choice but to hold Kyle by the balls and squeezing them like a pair of his own personal stress balls, while snapping pictures with the other until he finally gets what he wants.  Who said modeling wasn't tough?

Kyle brings a fresh new face to the crew at Man Up!  He's got a great "boy next door" vibe going on, and that comes across in a big way in this clip.  Cameron is a vetran BB model, and does a great job easing Kyle in on this one.  It's nice to see a pro like Cameron taking such a sweet (and hot) young guy under his wing.  We only expect good things to continue to keep coming from these two!

Best moment: 
At 9:50 Cameron isn't messing around any more and grabs Kyle by the nuts, squeezing and twisting his poor baby-makers while he snaps head shot after head shot.  It's brilliant, and seems to be just the sort of incentive Kyle needs to focus!  Not to mention it's hot as hell too, getting to watch one hot guy won another hot guy's nuts!

Things to watch out for:
1. You've got a nice big ball sack... Kyle sure does, a real prize set of plums.  Cameron mentions this at 8:58 and we couldn't agree more!

2. More pressure?  Cameron starts out frustrated with hot new young model and ends up really giving it to Kyle... and Kyle not only takes it, but he actually looks like he might enjoy getting his nuggets worked over!  

Bottom line:
Career advice for future models: Don't smile. Wear Cup.

4/5 nuts

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