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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Clip Review: Ballbusting In The Streets

Starring: Jake and Cameron

Full Clip
Length: 7 mins
Price: $7.99

Busting Intensity: Intense 


Cameron is in trouble - serious trouble! Jake, the enforcer of a tough street gang, suspects him to have stolen from his own people, and apparently, the punishment for that sort of thing is a set of sore and aching nuts. Jake unleashes a barrage of hard kicks and knees into poor Cameron's crotch by a shed in a deserted back alley. Cameron tries to cover his crotch but Jake is relentless, kicking his nuts again and again while verbally intimidating and humiliating him ("Fucking pussy! Fucking stupid bitch! You're gonna be dead!"). Several times, Cameron breaks down, trembling and on the verge of tears. But Jake shows no mercy. Finally, after a stomping his nuts hard, Jake leaves poor Cameron to nurse his battered balls.

This may be the most aggressive clips Man Up! has ever done. There's no introduction and we jump right into the action with Jake brutally assaulting Cameron's groin. Jake is truly menacing. He throws Cameron around like a puppet, kicking and kneeing him while continuously shouting at him. Cameron screams in pain, pleading for mercy and maintaining his innocence. Frankly, we are surprised that apparently nobody called the police...

Best moment:
After a series of hard kicks, Cameron cowers on the ground. "This is just the fucking beginning, pussy!" Jake  shouts and spits in Cameron's face. "Get your ass up, bitch! Get your fucking ass up!" He leans Cameron against the shed, choking him with his arm before throwing four hard knees between his thighs and adding a hard kick for good measure. Cameron sinks to the ground, panting and moaning. (starts at 4:40)

Things to watch out for:
Kicks like a pro! We officially grant Jake the title of "Best Nut Kicker In The World". His background as an MMA fighter clearly shows. Even if some of the kicks don't connect, they look absolutely fantastic!

Don't mess with Jake! After watching this clip we'd think twice about confronting Jake in a quiet back alley... Well... On second thought, we'd probably strip naked, spread our legs, and let him kick our balls into orbit... :-))

Poor Cameron! We can only begin to imagine what Cameron must have felt being the victim in this relentless ball bashing street fight. Let's hope that after shooting this clip Jake made it up to him by kissing his battered testicles... 

Bottom line:
"Life in the streets isn't easy." (Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch)

4/5 nuts

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