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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Clip Review: Taking Advantage Foot Fetish

Starring: Cameron and Lance

Length: 9 mins
Price: $8.99

Length: 10 mins
Price: $8.99

Length: 9 mins
Price: $8.99

Length: 28 mins
Price: $19.99

Male Feet (Parts 1 and 3)
Gay Tickling (Part 2)

Dressed in smart black suits, Cameron and Lance get together for a foot fetish extravanganza of epic proportions. There's no beating around the bush: "You have a pretty big foot fetish. How bad would you wanna suck on my toes?" Lance asks Cameron with a cheeky grin. "If you lie on the ground, maybe, maybe I'll let you..." Well, Cameron doesn't need to be told twice. He lies down and Lance teases him by making him kiss his shoes before he takes them off and rubs his socked feet over Cam's body. It's very obvious from the growing bulge in Cameron's jeans that this is heaven for him. Gradually, Lance's clothes come off as he rubs his bare foot in Cameron's face and the erection in his jeans. Cameron is panting heavily, clearly having the time of his life. He wants to suck on Lance's toes. Badly. "Just a little toe", he begs. "Just a pinky." But Lance enjoys teasing him and pulling away his foot just before Cam's mouth touches it. "Look at you, you're getting frustrated", Lance chuckles. "This is fucked up, man", Cameron pants.

In part 2, Cameron's frustration takes a bad turn for Lance: Cam jumps him and subdues him after a short fight. "Give me your toe, god damn it!" Cameron grunts while choking Lance between his thighs until Lance's face turns alarmingly red. Lance passes out and his body goes limp, finally allowing Cameron to get a mouthful of Lance's beautiful feet. When Lance wakes up, the tables are turned: He is stark naked and handcuffed, and Cameron is in the dominant position. Now he's the one teasing Lance, rubbing his feet over his naked body, only barely touching it until he gets an even better idea: He starts tickling Lance's stomach and his feet, making Lance laugh uncontrollably. Lance faces contorts in pain while he is laughing and panting. Going back and forth between tickling and foot worship, Cameron finally makes Lance lick his feet and suck on his toes, before rubbing his foot over his body and his naked genitals.

The tender romance between Lance's genitalia and Cameron's foot is the focus of part 3: Without ever touching Lance's cock with anything other than his foot, Cameron slowly jerks Lance's limp dick between his toes into a raging erection. He pours some lotion on Lance's beautiful cock, tenderly massaging it unil it is rock hard. Lance pants and bucks his hip, his hands cuffed behind his back. "Come on, don't stop", he pleads, and Cameron has his fun with Lance, making him crawl through the room before granting him his wish and continuing to rub his hard dick with his toes and the sole of his foot. Lance has his eyes closed and he's moaning in pleasure as Cameron manipulates his cock, massaging its shaft and the tender mushroom head with his foot. Finally, Lance's moans grow louder and louder before his dick erupts and a spurt after spurt of hot, creamy cum lands on the floor and Lance's thigh. After Lance's orgasm, Cameron pushes him aside and leaves him handcuffed and spent. "We're gonna play some more later", he grins before leaving the room.

You can always tell when someone loves their job... There's no doubt that Lance and Cameron don't have to pretend enjoying foot play: Their foot fetishes are as real as they come. They thoroughly enjoy playing with each other, and it shows. The chemistry between Lance and Cameron is just fantastic.

Best moment:
Are we cheating when we say that part 3 is our favourite moment? Well, we'll do it anyway... Seriously, the foot job is a sight to see. Except for one cut in the beginning, part 3 is filmed in one continuous shot. Getting to witness Lance's cock going from limp to erect to throbbingly hard to spurting within 9 minutes, solely by the power of Cameron's foot, is truly a very, ahem, satisfying experience... The best moment within that best moment is, unsurprisingly, the cumshot. (starts at 8:15 in part 3)

Things to watch out for:
What a tease! In part 1, Lance is the one teasing Cameron, and he does a great job. It's very hot seeing him deny his buddy the pleasure of sucking on his toes. And in part 2, Cameron returns the favor, gleefully teasing poor Lance. Nice!

Perfect six pack! If you follow Lance on twitter you might have read his tweets about going to the gym and seen the pics of his body. And you don't have to be a fitness fanatic to concede: Those hours in the gym sure show... To paraphrase one of the best worst songs ever: "His body is a wonderland"...

Bottom line:
Cameron's foot and Lance's cock were made for each other...

4.5/5 nuts - with a healthy batch of delicious cream

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