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Friday, November 16, 2012

New Poll: What Kind Of Roles Do You Like In A BB Clip?

We've created a new poll on the left side of this blog. This month we ask you: What kind of roles do you like in a ballbusting clip? Do you enjoy two brothers going at it? or do you prefer the characters to be friends? Maybe you enjoy seeing two competitors going at it, or two enemies? Or perhaps you prefer your ballbusting scenario to include a combination of doctor and patient, or master and slave, or superhero and villain, or teacher and pupil, or trainer and trainee?

Please tell us your opinion in the new poll. Since there are so many juicy choices you can vote for as many options as you like... And if there's a different kind of role you like that we haven't thought of, please tell us in the comments section!

Thank you for voting!

Updated 17.11.: We've had two more suggestions that we didn't think of (dad & son and lovers), and since we can't add an answer to a running poll we created an additional poll on the left side. When the polls close we'll count all the votes...

Seth (r) teaches Cameron (l) in Training The Boxer

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