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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Poll Results: Favourite Type Of Bust

Last month, we asked you to tell us your favourite type of bust. Now, the results are in and the there's just a 2 vote difference between #1 and #2!

More than 200 people shared their preferences, and it was possible to select more than just one answer. So, without further ado, here are the results:

Kneeing 14%
Stomping 19%
Punching 24%
Gas pedaling 27%
Kick from behind 30%
Squeezing 36%
Frontal kick 37%

Something else 4% 

So frontal kicks are the favourites, albeit very closely followed by squeezing, and overall we get a pretty diverse picture... What does that mean? Probably that it's really hard to cater to everyone's individual interests, and that it's good to have a ballbusting mix in the videos so that there's something for everyone. Do you agree? Or would it be better to devote a full clip to each type of busting?

We are a bit surprised that kneeing didn't do better - where are you, knee enthusiasts? And those of you who checked the "something else" box - we'd like to know what you have in mind. Is it something like busting with objects (like in Nutball) - or are we on the wrong track here?

Anyway, thank you very much for telling us what you like! We really appreciate your input!

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