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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Clip Review: Welcoming A New Recruit Seth McAdams

Starring: Seth, Cameron and Lance
Length: 5 mins
Price: $5.99


Okay, confession time: We really like those introductory vids (see our rave reviews for previous introductions here, here and here (although the last one isn't technically an introductory video)). It's just a fantastic way to introduce a new model. And with Seth the winning streak continues. Can we take just a minute to say how hot Seth is? He. Is. Hot. He has a great body and a handsome face, a cute smile and a great big package. Add to that a wonderfully boyish curiousity about ballbusting, and we've got a BB superstar in the making. In this clip (that is a continuation of Behind The Scenes: Ballbusting Warm Up) Cameron and Lance take it upon themselves to show young Seth what it's like to shoot ballbusting videos. First, Cameron and Seth take turns kicking and kneeing each others' nuts, then Lance takes over from Cameron. After some foot rubbing, Lance suggests pulling their nuts out through the leg opening of their underwear and they kick and knee each other's bare balls, making them bounce up as the hits connect. Hot stuff! A couple more minutes of this clip wouldn't have hurt would have been great - on the other hand: Even if this clip lasted an hour, we probably wouldn't have been satisfied - Seth just makes us want more and more... :-)

The three guys are having a great time busting each other's balls, and Seth looks like he is genuinely enjoying himself. At one point, Lance grabs his hard cock through his underwear, chuckling appreciatively. That's just the kind of reaction we have been hoping for...

Best moment:
In the middle of some kicking action, Lance tells us that he wants to try something he hasn't done so far. He pulls his balls through the leg opening of his underwear and lets them dangle. Seth looks at him, an amused expression on his face, and quickly follows his example. It looks as if Lance is a bit surprised that Seth pulls his balls out, too. He probably planned on letting Seth kick his bare balls and didn't expect Seth to follow his lead. Of course, we are as delighted as Lance, because this provides for some great shots of bare balls bouncing off knees and feet... (starts at 2:58)

Things to watch out for:
1. Big Mac. Seth's cock looks great as it is outlined in his boxer briefs.

2. Hooray for kramtoad! Before Lance bares his balls, he gives a shout-out to the kramtoad website: "I'm a kramtoader... Kramtoad is an awesome blog for dudes like me into this shit..." It's great that Lance not only asks kramtoad users for criticism and suggestions (which in itself is awesome!) but that he speaks out about it in this clip. Kudos, sir.

Bottom line:
Why beat around the balls? Seth is awesome!

Preview video (provided by Lance himself over at ballbustingtube.com)

4.5/5 nuts

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