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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Clip Review: Dirty Soccer Coach Part 1

Starring: Jake and Cameron
Length: 11 mins
Price: $9.99

This clip is a nice variation on the "Teacher and student" theme. Usually, we see the teacher taking advantage of the student (like in Guidance Counselor Ruptures Student's Balls). Here, the tables are turned and the student takes over and has his way with the coach: Soccer player Jake has come to see Coach Cameron to discuss his grades. Things aren't looking good: Jake might be kicked off the team if his grades don't get better. The coach has a proposition for Jake - and he doesn't waste any time to come on to Jake... But Jake doesn't want any of that! He knees Cameron's balls and makes him sit on the couch where he grinds Cameron's tender testicles with his sneaker-clad foot. Apparently, Cameron starts to like that. "Harder", he moans. Jake asks: "Will I stay on the team or not?" Cameron groans. "If you keep doing better, yeah!" After some heavy grinding, Jake sits behind Cameron and takes off his sneakers. He sneaks his socked foot into Cameron's trousers and starts massaging his bulge, manipulating his cock and balls inside the trousers, making Cameron moan in a mix of pleasure and pain. Jake rubs and squeezes the coach's nuts, manipulating the big bulge first with one, then with two hands. After some hard back heels to the balls, Jake makes Cameron stand up straight again. He powers a series of hard knees into Cameron's crotch, making the dirty trainer scream in pain, before Jake takes off his shirt, (giving us a nice view of his incredible - INCREDIBLE! - body) and we're back on the couch again, with Jake stomping and grinding Cameron's balls with his socked foot. He really digs those heels into Cameron's bulge, smiling evilly the whole time. "Do I stay on the team now?" Jake asks again and again. In the end, he doesn't get an answer - and we're pretty sure Jake has some nice ideas for part two...

Jake is a great ballbuster! It's wonderful to see how he doesn't hold back at all. He really works Cameron's junk with his hands, and when he grinds Cameron's balls with his foot, he really goes to town. For us, his huge smile is a great turn-on: He really seems to enjoy this! (And we're pretty sure there's an element of "I can't believe I'm getting paid for this!" underneath the acting...) Cameron does a fantastic job portraying the dirty coach who is really enjoying the ball pain this young, hunky soccer player inflicts on him. 

Best moment:
"So, I stay in the team now?" Jake asks. "Yeah, we're getting there", Cameron moans. "It needs you to manhandle those balls a little bit better though..." Jake chuckles. "Maybe I try with two..." He takes both of his hands and kneads Cameron's balls like a baker manipulates a big chunk of dough in a bakery. "You can do better than that", Cameron moans in obvious pain. Jake doesn't need to be told again. He squeezes harder with both of his hands, causing Cameron to cry out in pain. Well, he was asking for it, right? (starts at 6:20)

Things to watch out for:
1. Work those muscles. It's fantastic to watch the muscles in Jake's as he squeezes Cameron's nuts hard. His biceps and triceps contract as he manhandles Cameron's nuts. Hot!

2. Socks and sneakers. We haven't seen a lot of Man Up! clips involving sneakers and socks (usually the guys go for it with their bare feet), so it's great to see Jake leave on his socks the whole time. And they look beautiful on his muscular legs! Mmmm...

Bottom line:
Jake is doing really great - come on, Coach, have a heart, let him stay on the team!

Preview video (provided by Lance himself over at ballbustingtube.com)

4.5/5 nuts

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  1. When I hear a guy being busted who says "Harder", that's a total turn off to me. I also wander why foot fetish videos always show guys who obviously like having another man's feet on their face and body. There's a lot of stuff like this on the web, while it seems impossible to find a video showing a restrained guy suffering an UNWANTED humiliation by another man's feet and HATING every second of it. That would make a video original and worth to buy! I hope that Lance will go in this direction with some of his future videos.