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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Clip Review: Cameron Wanted To Fuck Seth's Feet

Starring: Cameron and Seth
Length: 10 mins
Price: $9.99

Male Feet

Attention, foot lovers - this is your dream come true (at least if your foot loving dream looks anything like our foot loving dream...) Maybe we should start off by saying that neither of us would consider himself a foot fetishist. Usually, in our fantasy, the single role of a foot is to bust some balls. But this clip seriously made us reconsider our opinion: We enjoyed it. A lot. The premise of the clip is pretty simple: Cameron uses young Seth's feet to get off. In the first part of the clip, Cameron holds Seth's feet so that the soles touch, and fucks them, as simple as that. Seth is lying on his back, stroking his own impressive member, and obviously enjoying himself as much as Cameron is. Occasionally, Cameron stops fucking for a moment to suck on Seth's toes. Then Cameron lies back and sucks on the toes of Seth's left foot, licks the his sole and rubs it across his face while jerking his own dick. Seth's right foot plays with Cameron's cock and balls. After Cameron delivers a nice, hot load of cum, Seth plays with his spent cock a bit, rubbing his foot and squeezing every last drop of cum out of the shaft.

There's not a lot of dialogue in this scene, a few whispers here and there, and a lot of moaning and sighing that's accompanied by the wet sounds of cocks being stroked by hands and feet. This clip is all action and no acting.

Best moment:
After the cumshot, Seth takes Cameron's dick between his big toe and his second toe, squeezing and slowly going up the shaft like he's trying to get everything out of a toothpaste tube. He plays with the sensitive head of Cameron's cock, squeezing his toes together, before wiggling the softening boner and letting it slap back onto Cameron's flat stomach. (starts at 9:25)

Things to watch out for:
1. The art of foot penetration. Okay, we don't have much experience in this field, so maybe the way Cameron fucks Seth's feet is not remarkable at all. For us, it looks like Seth's feet are perfect for a nice, hard foot fucking...

2. Big hard cock. Apart from prividing the feet for Cameron's enjoyment, Seth seems to get something out of it, too. His fat cock is rock hard most of the time, and we are glad to see that he enjoyed filming this clip!

3. 100% pleasure, 0% pain. There's no ballbusting in this clip, everything is sensual and soft - except for the cocks of Seth and Cameron, of course.

Bottom line:
2 feet + 1 cock + 1 hot load of cum = a lot of fun for everyone!

4.5/5 nuts - with some cream between the toes...


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