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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Clip Review: Taking a Stand - Nerd vs Jock Part 2

Starring: Cameron and Jake
Length: 10 mins
Price: $10.99

Gay Handjobs


After softening Jake's nuts up until they were nice and tender in part 1 and continuing the ball abuse with some kicks, knees and squeezes, Cameron grabs a video camera to record Jake's humiliation.  All the ball busting has driven the fight out of Jake and he simply has to accept whatever Cameron does to him.  He quickly discovers that that means he'll have to jerk Cameron off, while Cameron returns the favor.  The rush of hormones and adrenaline appear to be too much for the nerd, and he's the first to blow his load - which he captures inside the measuring cup they were using for their project.  Fresh from getting his nut off, Cameron then focuses his full attention on Jake's massive member, taking the time to massage his balls and rub his chest until finally the hot jock blows a big, hot load all over the inside of the measuring cup.  Cameron extracts every last drop and comments that they have enough for their new project in reproduction.

Cameron and Jake are looking quite friendly in this clip. ;-) The dialogue is mostly carried by Cameron, which he does effectively, while Jake's responses are quite limited... I guess if you're a stud who's used to getting your way, there isn't much to say when the tables are turned besides, "Oh, Fuck!"

Best Moment:

As soon as Cameron finishes blowing his load (around 8:10), he reaches for Jake's balls with his free hands and give them a good, thorough rub - making sure they're ready to go and seconds later, Jake blows a HUGE load.  It looks like a tube of icing exploded against the side of the glass measuring cup.  Cameron doesn't miss a beat, and milks Jake's cock and until it's good and dry, and Jake is left looking exhausted (and strangely satisfied?)

Things to watch out for:

1.  Naked ball grabbing!!!!  We're just NUTS for bare back ball squeezing - and though there isn't a huge amount of it in this clip, we have to point it out when we see it! (3:42)

2. Jake's growing member.  Jake goes from limp, to rock hard in just two minutes, and when he does, it's a beautiful site to see.  His shaft has a bit of an upward arc to it, which is perfect for providing access to his bloated ballsack.

Bottom Line:
Two loads of boy juice are indeed better than one!

4.5/5 nuts

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