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Monday, April 16, 2012

Clip Review: Dirty Soccer Coach Part 2

Starring: Jake and Cameron
Length: 8 mins
Price: $8.99

This clip has everything you can wish for! Hard, painful kicks and knees; two actors who are really into what they are doing, with great bodies and fantastic attitudes; fun and hot dialogue; some smoking hot foot on (naked) nuts action; and a nice cumshot at the end. Seriously, it doesn't get any better than this (though we are pretty sure that Lance will suprise us and top this one...)
The action starts right away. When we left soccer player Jake and his coach Cameron in part 1, Jake was trying to "persuade" his coach to keep him on the soccer team by doing quite a number on his balls. Part 2 starts with Cameron (fully dressed) on the couch, and Jake (shirtless) grinding his balls with his socked foot. It doesn't take long before Jake is leaning over Cameron and powers five dozen (yes, we counted - 60!) hard knees into his coach's crotch, leaving Cameron panting and moaning. "Have I made it yet?" Jake asks grinning. Well, apparently not. Cameron takes off his tie and shirt, and Jake shows him what he can do with his feet: He kicks and knees Cameron's nuts hard, with Cameron grunting and groaning as Jake pummels his precious babymakers, until Cameron sinks to the couch, breathing heavily and massaging his manhood. "So, I'm gonna make it or not?" Jake asks. "Take your socks off", Cameron tells him, and strips down to his white briefs. He positions Jake's feet in his crotch, and Jake starts manipulating Cameron's balls, squeezing them betweet his feet, grinding them and tapping them hard. It's so hot to see Cameron's balls bounce inside his briefs when Jake hits them... Finally, Cameron takes off his briefs and strokes himself to orgasm while Jake plays with Cameron's naked balls with his foot. After delivering a hot load of cum on his abs, Cameron stands up and shakes Jakes hand, his hard cock glistening with cum: "Congratulations. You're back on." Oh yeah, Jake really deserves it!

This is one example of perfect casting! Cameron is great as the depraved soccer coach who makes his student bust his balls and play with his cock when he's jerking himself off. And Jake is equally brilliant as the young, hot soccer player who doesn't mind showing off his ball kicking skills when that's what keeps him on the team. Great work!

Best moment:
"You got some skills", Cameron says, after his balls have been kneed more 60 times, a painful smile on his face. "I play soccer", Jake replies, grinning. "Yeah", Cameron grins back, "show what you're worth..." And Jake does. He kicks Cameron's nuts again and again, making Cameron moan and groan, and occasionally let out a scream on a particularly well-placed kick. Jake throws his whole body into those kicks, and then he starts lifting his knee into Cameron's balls. Hard. Again and again. If this is what soccer practice looks like, we're gonna join the team! (starts at 1:50)

Things to watch out for:
1. Kudos to Cameron! He's come a long way: In the very first clips he did for Man Up! he sometimes seemed to be a little bit too careful, trying not to get his balls hurt. Gradually, he got more and more into it. And in this clip, he shows that he can handle some serious ball pain. Jake is a guy who doesn't hold back. And Cameron shows that he is up to the task!

2. Kudos to Jake! It's not often that we see someone who is such a natural when it comes to ballbusting. Usually, new guys need to warm up to the thought of hurting their acting partners' balls. It takes them a couple of clips until they let loose and go for the nuts. With Jake, apparently there are no inhibitions whatsoever. He really goes to town on Cameron's nuts. And he obviously enjoys it. Fantastic!

Bottom line:
One word: Perfect.

Preview video (provided by Lance himself over at ballbustingtube.com)

5/5 nuts

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